• PSA: Think Twice Before Picking Up That BFG Graphics Card

    In case you didn’t know: BFG, a hardware company known for high-end gaming laptops, desktops, and components, is killing off its graphics card business. Yet even though this has been known for a couple months, they’re still selling off their existing inventory and, contrary to previous statements, it now looks as if these cards will not be supported. So if you get a bum fan or… Read More

  • Origin's Eon18 gaming laptop is not entirely origin-al

    After Dell bought out Alienware, some of the executives jumped ship and formed a new company. That company, called Origin PC, makes high end computers. Origin PC just announced a new product, the Eon18 laptop. There’s only one problem. It looks suspiciously like another computer we looked at a few months ago. Read More

  • First look: BFG Deimos gaming laptop

    We just got a BFG Deimos in today, and it is big, shiny, and competing against Alienware’s M17x. So far, I can tell you that it’s a bit lighter then the Alienware, but (unscientifically speaking) about equal as far as speed. We’ll be doing a full review in the upcoming weeks, but I wanted to share some pictures and first impressions with you today. Read More

  • BFG announces new Deimos X-10 gaming notebook

    BFG is well-known for their video cards and other gaming peripherals, but did you know they make systems too? It’s true. BFG announced their first desktop system earlier this year, and now they are jumping into the performance notebook arena with the new Deimos system. Read More