Bumble launches a separate BFF app for friend friending

Dating app company Bumble announced today that it is releasing a separate app called “Bumble for Friends” aimed at finding friends in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippin

Bumble experiments with group chats, polls and video calls for its new social networking feature, ‘Hive’

Dating app maker Bumble revealed more of its plans to strengthen its social networking features during last week’s Q2 earnings, which saw the company’s shares slump over its lowered finan

The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 Includes Speakers For Your Listening Pleasure

<img src="">The latest <a href="">Logitech</a> lapdesk is somewhat novel. Sure, it's still a

CrunchGear BFF: SwissBike TX

<img src="" /> From CrunchGear BFF <a href="">Snow:</a> Picked this up off of <a href="http://www.sw

CrunchGear BFF: You're doing it wrong

<img src=""> I just checked <a HREF="">BFF</a> to see what shenanigans you kids have been up to. What do

Review: Iceman PC

From BFF: A few months ago I won (via CrunchGear) a nice piece of hardware that now replaces the veteran hdd divx player I bought from Hong Kong about the same time last year. The enclosure was much m

The BFF Files: LittleRed gets no remote

A tale of woe from BFF: My office received a box from AT&T today. We hadn’t ordered anything from them so we were a bit confused by it (we host our production website at an AT&T data center)

Special Citizen Review requests

Hey, winners: we’d love it if you could post citizen reviews of the gear you got at BFF. We built that site for you guys to share your opinions with us and it’ll be great to get lots of fe

BFF call for help: Cool Blackberry apps?

Ryan writes: I’ve posted a lot of comments regarding my fanboydom towards the blackberry. Other than the large amount of MAPI calls made to an exchange server I see nothing wrong with a blackberry o

BFF review:

This morning I got my Newsletter and despite the fact that the page anchors don’t work in Gmail, I read (skimmed) the first paragraph and decided to try the service they were promoting, J review

This morning I got my Newsletter and despite the fact that the page anchors don’t work in Gmail, I read (skimmed) the first paragraph and decided to try the service they were promoting, J

Contest: Win this 2GB hunk of garbage

Want to win a 2GB MP4 player? Head over to BFF and post exactly what you’ll do with this damn thing once you get it. The more shotguns, rabid raccoons, and bodily fluids involved, the better. Pl

DrDrew finds iPhone2… in his head

Ganked from AppleCollection From BFF: Here it is, the iPhone2, in all it’s glory! Isn’t it the most spectacular device you’ve ever seen! It’s beauty is simply unmatched and matched only by its

CG Readers got talent!

Jas posted a link on BFF about his new game, Seek Me. Hi all, It’s been a long time since I posted anything, so here it is…I am working on a new game that I hope to release soon. I am testing it n

iPhone-Codes says don't unlock your iPhone, we say pshaw

This just in from a BFF poster: Unlocking the iPhone is getting popular in the undergrounds and AT&T is lossing millions dollars because of this activity. What with Jailbreak and Metasploit, peopl

LittleRedRyanHood does some spam baiting

Ryan over at BFF just posted an extensive conversation he’s having with a spammer. Hop over and give him some ideas! I am Wang Yan,a staff of Private Banking Services at the Bank of China (BOC)

Reviewing the Unknown Contest: Congratulations to BFFs LittleRedRyanHood and jaxim

Whether it’s a detailed and intelligent alaysis of the Zune or a liveblog of Lindsey Lohan in The Parent Trap, our CG BFFs are providing great content every day. Guys – email me at john @

BFF Skorch on what he (she?) hates about Linux

Over on BFF, Skorch has posted a fairly well thought out rant on a few things he really hates about Linux. What’s great is that it’s not just “Linux sux! lolz!” flamebait, but

BFF Jaxim's Zune requests good enough for CrunchGear

Over on BFF, user Jaxim has posted a really terrific piece for our Blind Review contest on what the Zune could use to make it even better. Not that it’s a dis on the Zune; Jaxim starts by saying

BFF Post: Women gamers wanted – perhaps a bit too much…

Great post by JAS on women in gaming. As in any industry, when it get’s big it only wants to get bigger. How do you do this? Easy. Find what demographics are not the biggest fans and make something
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