AHALife Acquires Bradford Shellhammer’s Design Marketplace Bezar

Bezar, the design ecommerce platform led by Fab cofounder Bradford Shellhammer, has today announced that it will be acquired by Australian ecommerce site AHALife. The terms of the deal were not disclo

Bezar Ventures Beyond The Pop-Up Shop With The Launch Of Storefronts

Bezar, the bizarre bazaar imagined by cofounder Bradford Shellhammer, is today introducing a more traditional marketplace for design brands to sell their wares called Storefronts. Bezar launch

Bezar, Bradford Shellhammer’s Reimagined, Goes Live Today

Bezar, the curated online marketplace that takes after its predecessor, is going live today with twelve designers across four categories: (art, accessories, house, and jewelry). Bezar was foun

Bezar, A Bizarre Bazaar, Is Bradford Shellhammer’s Version Of

Over the course of four years, Fab raised more than $300 million and pivoted twice, from gay dating site to design-focused retailer to co-founder Jason Goldberg’s latest pet project, Hem. But ev