• The new age of alcohol Crunch Network

    The new age of alcohol

    Never before has Europe seen an app dedicated to the late-night delivery of alcoholic beverages until the launch of Bevy, one of London’s emerging tech startups. With operations running until 5 a.m., plans to become a 24/7 business and a model ready for rapid scale, Bevy is redefining on-demand services through increased access to liquor. Read More

  • Review: Penguin Home Soda Maker

    You probably don’t need an entire review to help you decide whether or not you want a soda-making machine, but if you’re at all interested in making your own carbonated beverages then the Penguin Home Soda Maker is a good bet. Read More

  • Taste Test: 'Rockstar Roasted' energy drink

    [ Just noticed this new blend today in my local convenience store. According to the company, it’s an “amazing mix of the finest espresso coffee, fresh milk and cream packed with the powerful blend of Original Rockstar.” To me, it tasted like cold coffee with milk and now my vision’s kind of blurry and everything’s moving in… Read More