Adobe Introduces Lightroom 5 Public Beta, With New Features For Enthusiasts And Pros Alike

Adobe's Lightroom is probably the best software available when it comes to a photographer's digital darkroom needs. The company has been putting lots of time and effort into building it into something

HipChat Launches Android App Version 2.0, With Completely Native Redesign And Improved Performance

Atlassian's HipChat is in the process of rolling out revised or new native apps across all platforms for it group chat tool, and now it's introducing HipChat version 2.0 for Android devices. The impro

Mozilla Launches Beta 2 Of Its Persona Authentication System, Now Supports Firefox OS And All Email Addresses

Mozilla today launched the second beta of its Persona authentication system, which now allows anybody with a email address to sign up and log in to any Persona-enabled site without the need

Chrome 27 Beta Lets You Browse 5% Faster, Introduces New HTML5 Date And Time Input Forms

The latest Chrome beta just hit Google’s release channels and Chrome 27 for desktop, and mobile promises to speed up your web-browsing experience by making content appear on your screen 5 percen

Continuing Native App Rollout, Group Communication Tool HipChat Launches Beta Client For Linux

Atlassian's HipChat is stepping up to its commitment to roll out native clients for its real-time group chat and private messaging tool, with a beta release of the Linux client. The Linux client could

Chrome Beta For Android Gets Support For Experimental Data Compression On Google’s Servers, Reduces Data Usage By 50%

Google just announced that it has released a new feature for the Chrome Beta for Android that could speed up web browsing and save bandwidth for mobile Chrome users. With this proxy feature turned on,

Firefox Beta Now Features New IonMonkey JavaScript Compiler, Built-In PDF Viewer, Retina and Touch Support

Today is beta-release day at Mozilla, and the organization is launching new beta versions of Firefox for the desktop and Android. This time around, the desktop version is set to get the most interesti

Xbox 360 Fall Update Beta Is Live

If you haven’t powered up the ol’ Xbox 360 yet this evening, and you signed up for the Xbox 360 System Software Beta, you might want to go do that now. It’s live, and apparently has

Final IE9 Preview Meets Web Accuracy Requirements

Microsoft just announced the results from their latest preview version of Internet Explorer 9, and the results are good. Typically results are measured using the Acid3 accuracy test, designed to verif

Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta Coming In May

Today, Bungie announced the info all Halo fans have been waiting to hear. The multiplayer Beta for the highly anticipated Halo: Reach will be available beginning May 3rd, 2010. For a beta invite, simp

Windows 7: You love it, you really really love it!

<img src="" />You guys really love Windows 7! One of those fancy research firms conducted a poll and found that 44 percent of people (I

Point at stuff and learn: Nokia's Point & Find has gone into public beta

<img src="" />So Nokia has finally launched that Point & Find service into beta. Point & Find,you'll recall, was first intro

Windows 7 restricted at Georgetown University

<img src="" />It looks like the IT department at Georgetown isn't too keen on Windows 7 being installed on campus computers. They

So how's that Windows 7 beta treating you?

<img src="" /> So how's that <a HREF="">Windows 7 beta</a>

Microsoft overwhelmed by Windows 7 beta requests, will be available again soon

<img src="" /> Looks like Microsoft didn't anticipate the demand for its Windows 7 beta, as many of you are no doubt <a HREF="http:

Better hurry: Windows 7 beta now online (now with direct links)

Here's the Windows 7 beta <a HREF="">download link</a>. Go crazy, but not too crazy you don't want to put an eye out or anything.

Microsoft's servers feeling the heat re: Windows 7 beta

<img src="" /> Look what happens when you try to visit Microsoft's <a HREF="">Windows bl

Windows 7 beta available tomorrow: Only 2.5 million download slots available

<img src="" /> Better hurry up if you want to <a HREF="">download</a> the <a HREF="ht

Nvidia, AMD release new drivers

AMD announced recently that they are releasing the next version of their Catalyst driver, 8.12. It’s currently available for download from their site. The new version of the driver includes spee

Sony launching Playstation Home (Beta) tomorrow for all It’s been nearly two years, but the time is coming, friends. The folks at the Playstation blog announced that starting tomorrow Sony would be rolli
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