• Amazon Kindle Comes To Best Buy Stores This Fall

    Crossing the wires now—the Amazon Kindle will be available in Best Buy stores sometime this autumn. This probably makes sense for a few reasons. Read More

  • Best Buy Getting Into The Used Game Market

    Look out GameStop, there’s a new gun in town. And it’s got the brick and mortar location, name recognition, and marketing power to give you a run for your money. Ol’ blue and yellow is moving into the used game market starting this week and I think some competition will only be a good thing. Read More

  • Best Buy Planning Tablet Computing Blitz For Christmas

    Remember when netbooks where the next big thing? Best Buy was definitely pushing them, I remember last holiday season you couldn’t walk into your local store without being assailed by cheap, low powered computers. Well get ready, Best Buy has decided that tablet computing will be the next big thing. Read More

  • Best Buy Rolls Out Shopkick's Geo-Coupon System To 257 Stores

    Best Buy is rolling out an in-store mobile couponing system in conjunction with a startup called shopkick. The system will be in place in 187 stores by tomorrow and 257 stores by October 1. Earlier this month, we got a preview of how the system works (see video below). Instead of checking in, as you would with a geo app like Foursquare or Gowalla, shopkick automatically recognizes when… Read More

  • Best Buy's CTO Tweets Out Pics Of A Rocketfish Tablet. Seriously, A Best Buy Tablet.

    Well, look at that. A Rocketfish tablet. Can’t say we saw this coming, but Best Buy’s CTO and Geek Squad founder, Robert Stephens, just tweeted two pics of the surprisingly polished-looking tablet. We’re currently digging for more details but from what we can tell from the pics, the tablet looks remarkable similar to early HP Slate pics. Every seem and port seems to be the… Read More

  • Geek Squad Will Have You Shell Out $29 To "Setup" Your Ereader

    Oh, Best Buy. When will you stop pimping your Geek Squad brand? It was once a beloved tech service, but then you bought it and started looking for the most ridiculous tasks to make a quick buck — like setting up an ebook reader or creating an OS X user account. Read More

  • Did Shopkick Just Change The Check-In Game? You Be The Judge [Video]

    Did Shopkick Just Change The Check-In Game? You Be The Judge [Video]

    Earlier, we wrote about shopkick, a company with a different take on the whole check-in revolution as it relates to retail. But it’s one thing to read about it, it’s another to see it. That’s exactly why shopkick invited several members of the press to a Best Buy in San Francisco this morning to see the app in action. As you can see in the full 15-minute walk-through video… Read More

  • Shopkick Teams With Best Buy To End Fake Retail Check-Ins

    Shopkick Teams With Best Buy To End Fake Retail Check-Ins

    Yesterday, we wrote about Future Checkin, a third-party app that uses Foursquare’s API to check you in to a location without you having to actually hit any buttons to check-in. In fact, you can keep your phone in your pocket and it will work. Today, shopkick is teaming up with Best Buys around the U.S. to offer something similar. But with an important twist: without doing anything, you… Read More

  • Big Interview: The Philosophy Behind Best Buy And Future's @Gamer Magazine

    Conventional wisdom says that it’d be a better idea to build a ladder to the moon than it would be to start a magazine in 2010. Apparently Best Buy disagrees. The retailer announced, some months back, that it would be starting a new video game magazine called @Gamer. (Pronounced “gamer”—ignore the @.) It hooked up with the good folks at Future, the same people who… Read More

  • Fired Because Of Twitter [Video]

    Fired Because Of Twitter [Video]

    You’ve likely seen the EVO 4G vs. iPhone video. Maybe you’ve seen the follow up. And maybe you’ve read the story about how these videos almost got the guy who made them fired from his job at Best Buy. Well, he’s back with another video. And it’s good. TweetFired is the story of Peter, a man who gets in trouble with his job because of the tweets he posts. Read More

  • Hey Brian (Guy Behind iPhone Vs. EVO Videos), Paramount Wants To Talk!

    Remember those awesome iPhone 4 versus EVO 4G videos? Hopefully you do, it has only been a few weeks since we posted both of them. You know, the ones that almost got the Best Buy employee fired? The ones that made him rethink his career path? Yeah, those videos. Well, they just got potentially a lot more interesting. Paramount Pictures has just contacted us, asking if we can put them in… Read More

  • Best Buy Issues Reprieve For Employee Behind Videos — But He Declines Reinstatement

    Last week, we noted that Best Buy was looking into firing the employee that made the hilarious EVO versus iPhone 4 video (and the rebuttal video). The employee, 25-year-old Brian Maupin, was placed on suspension as Best Buy decided what they wanted to do. Today brings some good news: they’ve decided not to fire Maupin. But Maupin has decided not to return to work just yet, as he’s… Read More

  • Best Buy Trying To Fire Employee Over Those Hilarious EVO Versus iPhone Videos

    Best Buy Trying To Fire Employee Over Those Hilarious EVO Versus iPhone Videos

    By now it seems like just about everyone has seen the iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO video (and the rebuttal video). The video portrays an electronics store employee trying to convince a person looking for an iPhone 4 to buy an HTC EVO 4G instead. It’s hilarious — like all good humor, so funny because it’s at least partially true. But you know who didn’t find it funny? Best Buy. Read More

  • Best Buy's Insignia Brand to Offer Audyssey

    Best Buy’s bargain brand, Insignia, is offering a new 5.1 home theater system with Audyssey technology, yes, Audyssey. We love Audyssey. Read More

  • Forget The Mayor, Gowalla Focuses On Serendipitous Deals For All

    We’ve all heard about mayor deals with Foursquare. That is, a person who is the “mayor ” of a venue (essentially, has checked-in there the most number of times) gets access to special deals, such free items or discounts. Gowalla goes about its deals a bit differently. Because there are no “mayors” in Gowalla, instead, they’re focusing on giving everyone an… Read More

  • Best Buy's @Gamer print mag hitting in-store newsstands this month

    We heard about @Gamer, Best Buy’s planned in-store games magazine, last month when it was confirmed as being real. The rumor was that the first issue would hit in June, but the first issue has “July/August” on the cover, so it looks like it will be a bimonthly mostly monthly job, for sale later in June. Their hook is that the magazine will not just be game reviews and… Read More

  • Guide to Google TV’s Ecosystem [Video]

    At this week’s Google I/O Conference, the company carefully articulated its vision of the world. There’s Apple in one corner, carefully controlling its ecosystem, rejecting Flash, and conjuring images of an Orwellian Big Brother. As the “one man, one company, one device” (Vic Gundotra’s words) becomes more powerful, Google is trying to posit itself as the… Read More

  • Eric Schmidt Presides Over The Marriage Of The 50-Year-Old TV And The Teenage Web

    Eric Schmidt Presides Over The Marriage Of The 50-Year-Old TV And The Teenage Web

    “We’ve been waiting a long time for today,” says Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who is presiding over a power panel of CEOs helping to make Google TV possible. The panel, at Google I/O, includes the CEOs of Sony, Best Buy, Echostar, Adobe, Logitech, and, of course, Google. He needs all of them, as well as developers, to make his new Google TV a hit. Google TV will be built into a… Read More

  • Best Buy wants to install your copy of Red Dead Redemption

    We could either give Best Buy the benefit of the doubt and chalk these stickers up to an over-zealous blue shirt or Best Buy really does expect to con some ignorant customers out of some cash. Your call. [via Consumerist] Read More

  • @Gamer, Best Buy's own gaming mag coming this June

    >Best Buy is getting into the video game magazine racket. Why not, right? GameStop has Game Informer after all. But it’s a bit strange, athough not unprecidented, to see Best Buy commit heavily to one segment. Read More

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