Best Buy: Yes, Floor Staff Get Tablets, But Not Necessarily iPads

<img src="" />We've heard some <a href="

Australian College To Give Free iPads To Students; Best Buy To Give iPads To On-Floor Staff?

<img src="" />Remember when the iPod was the new kid on the block a few years ago, and there was all those stories about various col

Best Buy's Buyback Program? Yeah, Not So Hot

<img src="" />There are a few buyback programs out there, and at CES we even saw a meta-buyback program, <a href="

Google, Best Buy & Others Form Alliance To Champion AllVid Adapter

<img src="" />The FCC <a HREF="">proposed</a> som

Best Buy Brings In Ozzy And Bieber To Completely Hose TechForward, Says Lawsuit

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" />You don't see total betrayals like this every day. But if the facts that <a href="

Motorola Xoom Will Cost $800 And Require A Data Plan, Says Leaked Best Buy Ad

<img src="" />When we first <a href="">saw</a> of the <a href=

HD Guru Turns Up The Dirt On Best Buy's Buy Back Program

Best Buy wants to buy your old electronics. That’s actually nothing new. The retailer had trade in programs for years. Unlike those deals through 3rd party services, the new Buy Back plan will b

Rumour: HTC Thunderbolt to hit Best Buy Feb 14th

<img src="" alt="" title="Thunderbolt Best Buy" width="600" height="359" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-

Best Buy To Talk You Out Of Verizon iPhone (Which They Won't Have) With A BGR Blog Post

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-265407" title="l" src="" alt="" />We're now just three weeks away from the launch of the iPhone on Veriz

New iPad 2 Rumors Could Suggest Price Difference For Retina Display

<img src="" />Here’s yet another piece of proof that the next <a href="">i

Best Buy Sells Future Proofing For Your Gadgets

<img src="" />It happens to everyone; you buy that new phone, or laptop - and then a new more powerful version of the same product

Best Buy Brings The Banhammer Down On Its Own Restocking Fees

Yay for consumer-friendly practices! Best Buy no longer has restocking fees meaning the following can be returned without incurring any additional cost: iPhones, computers, tablets, projectors, camc

Best Buy sells Droid 2 Global and Droid Pros for cheap, Verizon gets mad, drops ban hammer

<img src="" />If you thought that Best Buy selling the Droid 2 Global for $100, or the Droid Pro for $50, was a crazy-mad bargain

Dell Streak drops to $100 at Best Buy

For those with a love of jumbo phones, or 80% off sales, Best Buy have just dropped the price of the recently froyo-nated Dell Streak from $499.99 to a mere $99.99 (plus two years with AT&T). No m

White Dell Streak now available exclusively from Best Buy

<img src="" />If you like white as much as you like large phones, then you'll be chuffed to know that Best Buy now (exclusiv

Now Best Buy Is Offering Free Shipping

<img src="">Best Buy wants your business this holiday season. They want your business so bad that they will cover the cost of shipping on m

Facial Recognition Tech Startup Viewdle Raises $10 Million From Best Buy, Others

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Facial recognition technology companies have been in the limelight lately, with <a href="http://www.crunchbase.

Best Buy ‘Happy To Sell’ BlackBerry PlayBook

<img src="" />If you want that BlackBerry tablet, <a HREF="

Tecca, Best Buy's Secret Weapon Against Competition

<img src="">On the surface, <a href="">Tecca</a> looks like a pretty cool service. Yo

Canon 60D On Sale Right Now

<img src="" alt="" width="479" height="346" />I just walked into Best Buy and what do I see? A stack of <a href="
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