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Bespoke Post raises $8M to deliver a monthly ‘box of awesome’ for men

Thanks to the Internet, you can order regular deliveries of everything from clothing to razors to geeky memorabilia. With Bespoke Post, you’re not just limited to one type of product — it ship

Bespoke Post Raises $850K From Great Oaks, 500 Startups & Others For Its Subscription-Based “Box Of Awesome” For Men

<a id="" target="_blank" href="">Bespoke Post</a>, a subscription-based e-commerce startup offering a hilariously titled "Box of Awesome" (<a id="" href="https://beta.techcrunch

Men’s Subscription Service Bespoke Post Partners With Details Mag, Grabs 500 Startups As Investor

<a target="_blank" href="">Bespoke Post</a>, a new e-commerce startup using the subscription-based "box of the month" model, is making a splashy public debut next week thanks to