• Gift Guide: The Little Printer

    Gift Guide: The Little Printer

    The Little Printer is an internet-connected mini printer that wants to insert a little bit of paper (back) into your digital life. You can send it messages to print on its receipt-sized thermal paper rolls and subscribe to ‘publications’ such as Facebook buddies’ birthdays, daily news digests, puzzles and science facts. Read More

  • The Mag+ shows how we might one day read magazines, if mags don't die first

    See that tablet concept thing designed by design agency BERG? Yeah, that might be the future of print publications. But you probably already knew that. For the past 20 years tablets have been deemed the next-gen magazine, but so far nothing has been produced that actually steps up to the task. And don’t get excited, that tablet isn’t real. It’s just a concept of the format… Read More