• Super-thin, bendable LCDs are coming

    We have seen curved plasmas, OLED TVs and LCDs in the past, both as prototypes and actual products. And while many people believe OLED screens and not LCDs or plasmas are the future, a Japanese consortium of 13 companies and institutions is working hard on developing super-thin, flexible LCDs. The companies claim they now have found a way to produce these LCDs by using plastic film instead… Read More

  • Sharp develops efficient solar cells for use in outer space

    Earlier this year, we reported twice about Japan’s serious plans to go to outer space to generate solar energy and then beam it back to Mother Earth. And today, Sharp has shown the first solar cell that’s not only bendable (we’ve seen that before) but that also withstands conditions in space. In addition, the company says those cells boast a record-high solar efficiency of 36%. Read More

  • Japanese company develops bendable, super-durable IC smart tag

    A company called KRD [JP] has developed a bendable smart tag that is resistant to heat of up to 200°C and coldness of up to minus 200°C. In the first case, the data stored in the tags is safe for 13 straight days while the tag can be used in the latter case for more than four months. KRD claims their so-called “Flex IC Tags” will neither melt nor break at these temperatures. This… Read More