Ben Heckendorn

Ben Heck inches closer to finishing 'Bill Paxton Pinball' machine

<img src="" alt="Paxton" />When I interviewed modder extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn a couple of months ago, he mentioned that he'd been working

Ben Heckendorn finishes second version of C64 laptop, will be auctioned for charity

<img src="" alt="C64" />Modder extraordinaire, Ben Heckendorn has just finished version 2 of his Commodore 64 laptop. This one will be aucti

CrunchGear Interview: Ben Heckendorn

I recently sat down with the king of gadget modders, Benjamin J. Heckendorn.

Ben Heckendorn's Apple IIgs hardware mod

Remember the Apple IIgs? I had an Apple IIc but my friend across the street had the Apple IIgs, the lucky bastard. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be a kid again. Not a care in the world except tryin