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  • What Do Watchmakers Really Think About The iPhone 5?

    What Do Watchmakers Really Think About The iPhone 5?

    Carlos Rosillo, the CEO of Bell & Ross, has built and maintained one of the most interesting and recognizable watch brands in the world. His watches – angular, dark, and designed for rough treatment – are an homage to the military watches of the past and he uses very specific materials in very specific ways to build watches that can withstand nearly anything. In light of… Read More

  • Bell & Ross Releases WWI Edition

    Bell & Ross Releases WWI Edition

    Bell & Ross, not content to rest on their aviation laurels, has released the WWI-92 edition, a watch based on a World War I era pocket watch. The watch is strikingly simple – just a black face with silvered hands and case – and the 97 version has a reserve de marche and all models feature welded lugs, a wonderful detail that hearkens back to the days when wristwatches were… Read More

  • Bell & Ross Reimagines The First Wrist Watch

    As Bell & Ross retreats into the history of timepieces to create more “vintage, original, and heritage” timepieces, we see an increasingly interesting range of retro designs as only Bell & Ross can do it. This year Bell & Ross has gone all the way back to the origins of the wrist watch with the “WW1.” The name means “wrist watch 1,” but not… Read More

  • Bell & Ross BR01 Ceramic Watch

    A few years ago Bell & Ross began to experiment with ceramic watches. The first real collection was the BRS, a smaller square cased model that was, to an extent, a women’s watch. It was thin and lovely and ended up on the wrists of more women than men. There were also ceramic versions of the BR03 – a 42mm wide version of the 46mm wide BR01. Those ceramic models had a lot of… Read More

  • Bell & Ross compass watch – complicated and cool

    Bell & Ross watches are notorious for being designed after aircraft instruments, including this rather sexy compass watch, which is limited to a run of 500 units. Each watch will set you back $5500, but let’s be honest, it’s worth it. Check out the video after the jump. Read More

  • Bell & Ross Vintage Original And Officer Watches

    For 2010 Bell & Ross reinvents the “nice watch” again. You’ll find a full (really full) selection of round cased watches to compliment their famous BR01 Instrument watches that come in large square cases. These new watches have confusing names that mix up “Vintage, Heritage, and Original,” but you can forgive that because the designs are so darn easy to love. Read More

  • B&R iPhone app, deux

    Yeah, I don’t know why they made an another iPhone app either. It seems, after noticing B&R style clocks on the HTC Hero, that there is a real fetish for interface designers over these things. That’s the only way I can explain it. Read More

  • Bell&Ross BR 01-93 24H GMT: Bringing it all back home

    Finally, a B&R I can stand behind. I love B&R. I love GMTs. This is like two great tastes that taste great together. This new model is a bog standard GMT with a stationary central bezel – which means you can’t change the 24-hour markings – and a movement that will move the hour hand back and forth to show the local time as well as the time at home. Read More

  • Bell & Ross jumps the shark

    If you know me you know I love me some watches. I especially like Bell & Ross, the aviation-themed, pie-plate-sized watches that gave new meaning to “Wow, that’s a big watch.” Now, however, B&R has added a ring of beautiful jewels around the rim and made these things out of ceramic, officially tugging the brand out of the realm of “cool and utilitarian”… Read More