• Belkin outs new Laptop Cooling Pad

    Hey there, Hot Thighs. Got an uncomfortably warm laptop there, Hot Thighs? Listen, Hot Thighs, I saw that Belkin’s coming out with a new Laptop Cooling Pad and I thought of you. I was like, “Who’s the perfect candidate for a laptop cooler? Oh, doi. Hot Thighs.” Read More

  • Belkin’s latest FM transmitter uses GPS and user feedback to find best channel

    The “TuneCast Auto Live” FM transmitter from Belkin costs $80. That’s a lot of coin for an FM transmitter. It works with most iPhone and iPod devices, but you get extra features if you use it with your iPhone – most notably, there’s a free app that uses GPS and a ratings system populated by other TuneCast/iPhone users to find the clearest FM channels in your area. Read More

  • The Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver sends your iPhone's music to speakers and such

    Looking at this Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver, I’m over here thinking, “Man, 99 percent of the stuff we write about is useless unless you’re in the market for that type of item.” That’s not a knock against the Bluetooth thing here, but if you’re not looking for one right now? Not all that exciting, no. Read More

  • Belkin recalls surge protectors over fire concerns

    Oh noes! I have like five or six of these recalled surge protectors around my house. Plus I sold countless numbers of them over the pricy Monster Cable models during my days at Circuit City. Maybe I was somewhat responsible for one of the fires that spurred the recall…oh no… Read More

  • Belkin issues a voluntary recall of some TuneBase models

    Quick note: If you purchased a Belkin TuneBase iPod dock after April 1, 2009, click here to see if your model has a thing for starting fires. You probably don’t want that feature. Read More

  • Belkin’s Windows 7 Easy Transfer Cable is your way out of family tech support

    Ah, late October – a time when a young man’s fancy turns to love, the autumn gingerly steps aside to make way for winter, and, this year, the beginning of at least a year’s worth of non-stop free tech support you’ll have to provide to any of your friends and family that decide to buy a new computer with Windows 7 on it. The biggest question: How do I get all my dumb… Read More

  • And now, a plethora of new iPod cases from Belkin

    The introduction of new iPod models means new iPod cases as far as the eye can see. One of the bigger players in the cutthroat game of portable device protection is Belkin and, true to form, the company’s announced about a skillion upcoming products for your perusal. Read More

  • Belkin intros a trio of "comfort" mice

    It’s hard to believe that anything other than the Logitech MX Revolution could be comfortable in the hand. While I doubt that Belkin is going after that particular mouse they are touting a trio of mice that were designed to “place your hand in the optimum position for working in comfort.” Read More

  • Belkin announces a cornucopia of iPhone 3G/3G S cases

    What would a Monday morning be without an iPhone accessory post? I don’t know because it seems like we do them all the time! With today’s announcement, Belkin has covered the whole gamut to meet everyone’s needs. A variety of silicone and leather cases with various graphics will adorn your iPhone and there’s even a douchey horizontal holster for you belt. Oh… Read More

  • The new Belkin TuneBase iPod/iPhone dock, it has a speakerphone

    Belkin, and others, have been making similar car docks for a while now so your probably know how this new model works. There are two versions coming: the TuneBase FM has a FM modulator and the TuneBase Direct outputs via a 3.5mm jack. Both will get your iPod/iPhone hooked up to your car’s speakers while simultaneously charging it and providing a speakerphone for the iPhone. Read More

  • Belkin's CushDesk prevents lap fires

    Straight outta Compton (yes, Belkin is located in Compton — interesting factoid for your next dinner party) comes Belkin’s $30 CushDesk. It’s a hard-top work surface with a padded underside that sits on your lap, allowing you to work on a notebook up to 17 inches in size without scalding your nether regions. Read More

  • New Belkin chargers turn your car's lighter socket into a USB port

    If you’re one of the incredibly small camp of people who use the phenomenally unpopular “I-Phone” or whatever, you might find this useful. The Micro Auto Charger fits right in your cigarette lighter’s slot and sits flush with your dash, exposing only a USB port. Good news for people with iPods who don’t want something protruding from the dash, but bad news for… Read More

  • Review: Belkin Powerline AV+ Starter Kit

    My Problem: I needed internet connectivity in my garage, which is the only thing on the first level of my house. Thing is, my garage seems to be built like a friggin’ faraday cage – the wireless signals just don’t survive the journey through whatever freaky space age insulation they used during construction. The router and modem are on the second level, and running… Read More

  • Belkin replies to Mechanical Turk shilling

    Belkin responded to the Mechanical Turk Shilling Incident (as it’s now called around the office.) Their response? “We’re sorry, we didn’t know it was going on, and we’re doing something about it.” Read the full note from Belkin’s President Mark Reynoso below. Read More

  • Belkin paying 65 cents for good reviews on NewEgg and Amazon?

    I just contacted Belkin to confirm but this doesn’t look good. A site called The Daily Background found evidence that Belkin Bizdev guy, Michael Bayard, is paying folks 65 cents to write good things about Belkin routers. Why? I’m not sure. I sure didn’t mind Belkin routers in the first place and 65 cents isn’t a lot of money for a paragraph. Maybe a flat buck or a USB… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Belkin USB Charging 5-Outlet Mini Surge Suppressor for $15

    Belkin’s charging hub is a beast, but I’ve found it to be quite useful at home and in the office. With a 360-degree rotating plug it fits in wherever I need it to. Three outlets and two USB ports make it an ideal gadget for all your power needs. is offering a $10 MIR until the 14th dropping the total cost of the device to $10 with a $5 shipping fee. Rebate form via DealNews Read More

  • Belkin Switch-to-Mac Cable, exactly what the name implies

    A $50 cable from Belkin will alleviate the headache of switching from a PC to a Mac. Easy peasy, folks. Read More

  • Belkin FlyThru laptop case now available

    Joining the TSA Checkpoint-Friendly fray today is Belkin’s FlyThru laptop case. It holds a laptop with a screen up to 15.4-inches and retails for $60. Product Page Read More

  • Review: Belkin GoStudio

    As a dilettante musician I enjoy the concept – if not the process – of recording my reedy, whiny voice to digital files. Until recently, that process was fraught with trouble and high quality recording equipment was difficult to obtain and expensive. Now anyone with a six-string and a dream can record fairly acceptable audio with something like the Belkin GoStudio. Read More

  • Wireless HDMI devices delayed six months [UPDATE]

    It’s gonna be a long, cold, dark, cord-filled winter for those of you waiting for wireless HDMI devices from the likes of Belkin (FlyWire shown above) and Monster Cable. Electronic House is reporting that the technology’s not quite there yet. An unidentified owner of an A/V store in Manhattan told EH the following: “HDMI is not perfected yet. I was eagerly awaiting… Read More