• Deadpool Watch: After Raising $10M, Social TV Startup BeeTV Falters

    Deadpool Watch: After Raising $10M, Social TV Startup BeeTV Falters

    Back in early 2009, I wrote about an Italian startup called BeeTV, which showcased some impressive TV recommendation technology. The goal was to sell that technology to telcos and cable operators, but this proved to be a very difficult task for a small, scrappy upstart. This led to BeeTV changing course and trying its hand at making consumer-focused products, like an iPad app for watching… Read More

  • Social TV Startup BeeTV Raises $1.5 Million, Releases iPad App

    It’s been two years almost to the day when Israeli startup BeeTV raised $8 million in funding for a – really impressive – personal TV suggestion engine they’d been building. Fast forward to today, and the company has shifted its focus squarely on offering social tools for sharing the TV viewing experience with online friends. The company’s co-founder and former… Read More

  • beeTV Raises $8 Million For Stunning Personal TV Recommendation System

    The TV guide doesn’t know who you are, what your favorite movie genre is, what you’ve watched in the past, what your mood is, and so on. Because of that, it is incapable of providing you with any recommendations about what to watch on your TV, or which videos you’re likely going to enjoy consuming right now on your PC or even your mobile phone. With the sheer volume of… Read More