• Review: Heineken Draught Keg

    Think back on the last party you attended. Perhaps you enjoy sitting around an impeccably decorated living room and sipping glasses of cold, frosty beer poured by a nattily attired waitress named Nicole hired for the night so the hostess could mingle with the glitterati in attendance. Or perhaps it was at your friend Terry’s house where you ended up puking all over his couch after… Read More

  • Clever promotions company fills USB drive with beer, other liquids declared the best thing on earth

    This is what’s wrong with Digg. I just wish I had found it first. Heh. CNK Read More

  • Spin the Beer Wheel, win a prize (beer + knowledge)

    People who are really into wine get cool sounding titles like “Sommelier” and “wine enthusiast” while people who really love beer are often just called “fat” and/or “drunk”. Unfair though it may be, I happily plop myself into the latter category of beer lovers. So for the beer lover who’s got it all, here’s the $8.99 Beer Wheel —… Read More

  • TrekStor creates a thumb drive that you might actually keep in your pocket

    Hot on the heels of our back to school week comes one of the most seemingly indispensable storage devices to date: The TrekStor USB stick with built-in bottle opener. Let’s face it, there have been a lot of stupid, dumb implementations of flash drives before (keychains, wristbands, necklaces, etc.) and a lot of brilliant implementations of bottle openers before (Reef’s… Read More

  • IFA 2008 Booze Cruise

    2008 is the first year that the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin has included so-called “white goods” in addition to the traditional media and entertainment products on display.  Particularly interesting to me were a collection of high-end wine coolers like those pictured above, and the Philips Perfect Draft beer fridge.  Stick a pony keg inside the Perfect Draft and you… Read More

  • Stella Artois-branded PSP: That's a fancy beer, midwesterners

    Stella Artois is a non-offensive beer best consumed while watching non-American sports like the Champions League or the Tri Nations. The Sony PSP is a portable video game system best enjoyed after it’s been loaded with a custom firmware and decked out with emulators and the like. But a Stella Artois PSP? Madness. The PSP isn’t an official Sony product, but rather represents the… Read More

  • DIY USB coil cable

    Why is it that the vast majority of USB cables are 6 feet long? The majority of my time, I need a 1-footer to connect random gadgets to my USB hub. Heck, even a 6-incher would be nice, but a USB cable that coils like a phone handset cord isn’t a bad alternative.  instructables’ user, Plusea, has a comprehensive walkthrough on how to make one of these puppies. All it requires is… Read More

  • Exclusive: Octane 120 video game cabinet – with beer tap

    Just got a leaked photo and information on the new DreamArcades Octane 120, a video game cabinet with joystick control panel, driving wheel, and, as you see here, a beer tap for standard kegs. Where’s the screen you ask? It uses an HD video projector and 5.1 stereo sound to fill the room with drunken video gaming goodness. The best thing? Quoth our tipster: It is hard to see in this… Read More

  • After breakup, man spends $1,000 a week on beer

    Reuters is reporting that an Australian man recently convicted of his 7th drunk driving charge revealed that he’d been spending around $1,000 per week on beer. That’s funny, sad, or both, depending upon how you view everyone’s place in the Universe. What I find funny and sad is that the dude broke up with his girlfriend FIVE YEARS AGO. Get over it, man! Live in the now! Read More

  • An open letter to all stadiums I may enter from this day forward: Now you’re all in big, big trouble

    If there was a fan club solely for people who like items that pay for themselves after one use, I’d be president. Maybe secretary, actually, since I type a lot for my day job. No, president, actually. I have a lot of good ideas and it’s time to enact change around here. This fan club has been going down hill ever since it never started. Anyway, this is the Beer Belly Cooler. Read More

  • How cold is your beer? Coors Light knows.

    You’ve all seen the Coors Light bottles with the color changing mountains by now, but if you haven’t then you’ve been living under a rock or you like warm beer. I hear there’s a heat wave in NYC and I’m not looking forward to coming back to that tomorrow, but at least I know my beers will be cold since the mountains will be nice and blue. The plastic bottle… Read More

  • Bierstick: Two beers in under two seconds

    Straight out of my hometown of Minneapolis comes the Bierstick, a $20 apparatus that you fill with two cans of Busch Light, prop against a wall, then use to propel said Busch Light down your gullet in less than two seconds. I’m overflowing with pride. It’s perfect for people who find shotgunning a single beer in five seconds to be too time consuming. I mean, come on… Read More

  • Space beer heading our way, courtesy of Sapporo

    Space beer. It’s right up there with space wrestling as something that’s long overdue, but the wait will soon be over. Sapporo will launch a beer in November that’s brewed from International Space Station-grown barley. Initially, only 100 bottles of the space brew will be made, and none of them released commercially, and it’s unlikely that the beer will taste any different. Read More

  • Foosball: Just add beer and 21 of your closest friends

    We had a foosball table in one of the houses I lived in during college. We all chipped in $40, times six of us, and boom — a nice $200 never ending source of entertainment. The problem was that the minute we bought the table, we found out we had a bunch of new friends; new friends who happened to love foosball and loved not chipping in for beer even more. I wish we’d had the… Read More

  • Chill Stick beer quiver holds a six pack, my heart

    I betcha one of these would fit quite nicely into a golf bag. Maybe load her up with some barley pops and let’s get going. The Chill Stick costs a measly $11.98 — a pittance compared to what six beers in a cooler would cost you on almost any golf course. It’s made of neoprene, which is basically God’s gift to beverage enthusiasts and it comes in assorted colors that… Read More

  • Review: Krups BeerTender Not since Das Boot has one film gotten everything so right. via BBG Read More

  • BeerTracker replaces 'bottle cap in the pocket' trick

    I don’t know about you but back in college when I used to drink enough beers in a row to necessitate some sort of accounting system, I’d simply slip each bottle cap into my pocket and count them the next morning. If I’d had the BeerTracker — with convenient LCD display that increases in numeric value with each bottle that’s opened — I could have littered… Read More

  • Russian beer brewery case mod

    I’m not quite sure where the beer goes in here, but this is apparently a steampunk casemod that allows you to brew beer AND play UT3 using the same device. For extra fun, read the comments at the bottom featuring a brewery war between the US and Europe. Personal Computer into Brewery [EnglishRussia via Make] Read More

  • CES 2008: Interactive Toy's Beerbot! Product Name: I call it “Beerbot”, but it’s the RC Cooler
    Description: Remote controlled robotic beer keg
    Price: N/A
    In-store date: N/A
    Why it’s cool: It is a robot that brings you beer. Who needs a girlfriend? Read More

  • Bill Gates invests in Mexican brewery

      Bill Gates now owns 3-percent of the world’s second-largest Coke bottler and Mexico’s second-largest brewery. I say good for you, Mr. Gates. Cascade Investment LLC, the asset management firm that Gates owns, recently purchased almost 11 million shares of Monterrey, Mexico’s Femsa. Femsa has a soft drink unit (Coca-Cola Femsa), a beer subsidiary, and a retail unit… Read More