First Look At Beatport’s Free Dance Music Streaming Service

Beatport is where the world’s DJs buy their music, but they could only listen to two-minute samples. Now Beatport hopes that by giving away free unlimited streaming, it can drum up more sales. T

Beatport “Bloodbath” As Dance Music Startup Lays Off Engineers

"These guys will trash the office if we don't send someone there", Beatport worried, so it flew HR to its San Francisco office to fire the whole engineering team there, a source tells TechCrunch. Mult

iTunes isn't the only online music store that has variable pricing

<img src="" />Let's not chastise Apple too harshly for introducing variable pricing for music to the iTunes Store. Why, a quick search on so

If you buy a song from Beatport this month you could win a lot of free stuff

Flickr’d Online music store Beatport, which specializes in electronic and house and all that fun stuff, has quite the holiday contest going on right now. From now until December 23 buying a song

Beatport's new Adobe AIR download manager helps organize your music (See, it's not always about music piracy)

Lest you all think I’m a nefarious, profit-hating music pirate , I bring word of Beatport’s latest innovation in online music distribution. The music site has developed an Adobe AIR downlo

I can't legally download a song? Fine, to the Dark Web I go

And people wonder why kids these days resort to piracy. I was just browsing Beatport looking for a certain mix of The Gossip’s “Jealous Girls.” Lo and behold it’s on the site,