• Jump Ball

    By the end of the iPad 2 launch event this Wednesday, you could see a future without Windows. Not just Office dead, or in the cloud. An alternate universe, a path not taken, a recall of global proportions. As Doc Searls may have said or something like it, dead OS walking. Everything about Wednesday was about what wasn’t yet said. As Steve Jobs moved through the material — the… Read More

  • Born This Way

    Last night at the dinner table we wrestled with the next generation in the form of our 17 year old. It all began when she asked to borrow my iPad for “a second.” We had been discussing Lady Gaga’s new single, which Naomi insisted was a direct cop of a Madonna 80’s hit, Express Yourself. OK, there might be some similarity — like the whole verse, 75% of the chorus… Read More

  • Yesterday and Today

    Comcast doesn’t care about the iPad but that’s because they are acquiring NBC which is paid by Microsoft to not care. They released an iPad app that lets me control my DVRs but doesn’t let me watch them. I can get NBC shows on my iPad by renting them from iTunes, so I don’t blame NBC, just Comcast. The FCC is toothless, Barnes & Noble gives me no reason whatsoever… Read More

  • Now They Know How Many iTunes Downloads It Takes To Fill The Albert Hall: 2 Million In A Week

    Sexy Stevie what have you done
    You made a fool of everyone
    You made a fool of everyone
    Sexy Stevie ooh what have you done. Sexy Stevie you convinced John’s wife
    To sell the Beatles on iTunes
    To sell the Beatles on iTunes
    Sexy Stevie oooh you convinced John’s wife Read More

  • Fixing a Hole

    And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong I’m right where I belong, sings Paul McCartney on his latest album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Facebook Band, which sits high on the iTunes charts. Boy, is he not kidding. He’s taking the time for a number of things that weren’t important yesterday. So should we. On the surface it seems like business as usual, with the heads… Read More

  • All 17 Beatles Albums Are In The Top 50 On iTunes (Updated)

    Obviously, there is a lot of pent-up demand for the Beatles on iTunes. Decades after their last album, they were still the third best-selling music group last year, and that was without any digital sales. Since going live on iTunes for the first time this morning, all 17 albums are currently in the top 100 best selling albums on iTunes. And 15 of them are in the top 50. The best selling… Read More

  • Sirius XM Hosts Exclusive Paul McCartney Concert In Dec., Will Launch Dedicated McCartney Channel On Nov. 29

    Look at Sirius XM, taking advantage of the big Beatles-iTunes story this morning to promote their programming! Synergy! Anyhow, Sir Paul McCartney will play a concert at the Apollo Theater in New York on December 13, and the only way you’ll be able to hear it is to listen on Sirius XM. Read More

  • Presenting The Beatles On iTunes

    Yup, the rumors were true. The Beatles are finally on iTunes. Apple is going to announce it this morning, but the albums are already live in iTunes. Here is the preview link. There are 16 albums available, starting with Please, Please Me (1963) and going to The Beatles, 1967-1970 (1973). Most of them albums $12.99. Individual songs are available for $1.29 each. There is also a box set… Read More

  • Not To Start Up Those Beatles/iTunes Rumors Again, But…

    Not To Start Up Those Beatles/iTunes Rumors Again, But…

    This is awfully interesting. It’s not perfect, obviously, but if you were to tilt George and John to the side a bit, it’d be close. The Beatles/iTunes rumors are seemingly as old as time itself (well, iTunes times, at least). Every year we have a rumor that it’s happening. And every year we have disappointment. This could well be the same story, but what a strange coincidence. Read More

  • Everybody Wants Beatles On iTunes (Except Yoko Ono and Her Lawyer)

    In today’s cultural phenomenon gone so stale it’s Zwieback we present the final reason the Beatles are not on iTunes: Yoko Ono herself. In an interview promoting a new Lennon retrospective in New York, Yoko said: “(Apple CEO) Steve Jobs has his own idea and he’s a brilliant guy,” Ono, the 77-year-old widow of John Lennon, told Reuters. “There’s just… Read More

  • Driving My Car

    The Beatles Rock Band game is now in its third day here at Abbey Road West, and so far it’s getting better all the time. As social media, it’s the off the charts monetization winner Wall Street is beginning to think Twitter and Facebook are becoming. As my wife keeps saying, it’s got real Beatles songs, not some cover band. How cool is that? BRB is an extension of the… Read More

  • Did The Beatles just screw up by not going to iTunes?

    Did Apple swerve us, or are we just a bunch of nincompoops? (I vote for the latter.) So, so many people were expecting to see The Beatles finally show up to iTunes, if not the event itself, yesterday. Nearly 24 hours later, you’re still unable to buy “Help!” from Steve Jobs’ little store. Huge deal, or should we all just move on with our lives? And is the band making… Read More

  • EMI: The Beatles won't be on iTunes tomorrow. Sky News: The Beatles will be on iTunes tomorrow. Take your pick.

    Record label EMI, which holds the rights to the Beatles catalogue, says the band’s music will not be on iTunes starting tomorrow. (Not that that matters, of course.) It seems EMI is concerned about piracy. I wish I were joking. But then Sky News in the UK supposedly ran a story that said, yes, the Beatles will be available on iTunes starting tomorrow. Our take: chill out. After all… Read More

  • Let It Be…True. Beatles And iTunes Come Together Again In Rumors

    This happens every year. Rumors begin to swirl that Apple is holding a music-related event, and after the talk dies down of what new iPods are in store, the focus shifts to iTunes. And from there, it shifts to The Beatles. You know, the most popular band of all time that happens to have no songs from its catalog available for legal purchase anywhere online. Yeah, those Beatles. So anyway… Read More

  • Full Beatles Rock Band kit to feature Paul's bass, gets European pricing

    If you’re planning on picking up The Beatles: Rock Band full band kit when it hits the shelves on September 9th, clear some space in your rumpus room, boyo. The $249 kit will include the following: Read More

  • "Imagine" on the iPhone: Needs more cowbell

    I’m not one to disparage the creative output of others, but this guy needs a bigger keyboard. This cover of “Imagine” by John Lennon is played on an iPhone keyboard app and needs a little more throttle – maybe some sneers? A backup band of ocarina players? John Lennon was pretty angry when he wrote this song and this guy turns it into a decision whether to order waffles… Read More

  • Can't license me love: Beatles tracks in games may be nixed by the band

    It is their music, after all. They’ve historically been pretty slow to take advantage of new avenues of distributing their music, probably because the world is already mostly saturated with it. But Beatles reps were in talks with both MTV Games and Activision, so you could be singing selections from their catalog in Guitar Hero or Rock Band some time soon. The thing is, it first has to… Read More

  • Beatles on iTunes: Jacko's company says it ain't so

    If the Beatles were to show up on iTunes any time soon, it’d be news to Sony/ATV Music Publishing — the Sony + Michael Jackson joint venture that owns the publishing rights to most of the songs. Read More

  • Apple says Beatles deal is just "unsubstantiated speculation"

    According to Billboard, Apple is denying any and all reports that a $400 million dollar deal was ever made with Paul McCartney. All signs point in the direction that it could happen sometime this year, but it didn’t happen over the last week. “This is not news nor is it a scoop,” says an Apple Inc. spokesman, declining further comment. His Steveness said in an earlier USA… Read More

  • McCartney finally cashes in

    You’ll soon be able to download the Beatles catalog on iTunes, thanks to a $400 million deal McCartney has worked out with Apple, EMI, Sony, the remaining Beatle (the one that ended in “o”), and several others. I think the wolves were at the door due to his costly divorce and some 30 years of less-than-Abbey-Road-quality recordings. Well, it was either that or the… Read More