Twitter’s Vine Has A Porn Problem

If you build it they will come. <a href="">Vine</a>, Twitter's new video sharing platform, is currently experiencing a porn problem. As <a target="_blank" href="https://

The Oatmeal Is Sued Again, This Time By An Obscure Greeting Card Manufacturer

Can Matthew Inman catch a break? This time the cartoonist also known as The Oatmeal is being sued by <a target="_blank" href="">Oatmeal Studios</a>, a card manufacturer fa

The Oatmeal’s Legal Battle Ends (I Hope) With A Giant Bag of Money

Okay, there isn't much news here, but this is too fun not to post. If you're reading this, you probably don't need a lot of recapping of the legal dispute between cartoonist Matthew Inman, creator

Failed Anti-Oatmeal Lawyer Says “Mission Accomplished”

In what appears to be a final burst of notoriety-seeking and odd behavior, <a href="">Funnyjunk's crack lawyer, Charles Carreon</a>, told Ars that he had won because

FunnyJunk Attorney Charles Carreon Drops Lawsuit Against Oatmeal Creator

Charles Carreon, the attorney with theĀ <a href="">the infamous lawsuit against

Funnyjunk’s Lawyer, Charles Carreon, Is Charging The Oatmeal With “Impersonating A Charity”

In Part Umpteen of the endless struggle by Matthew Inman AKA The Oatmeal vs. weird lawyer Charles Carreon, we find our hero beset by the accusation that he is impersonating a charity for collecting a

The Oatmeal To Charles Carreon: “Come Back When You’ve Calmed Down”

The Oatmeal's Matthew Inman wrote an open letter to the lawyer who has been <a href="">haras

Can I Sue You People? Troll Lawyer Sues The Charities The Oatmeal Supports

So here's a nice twist to the whole <a href="">Oatmeal saga</a>: the FunnyJunk lawyer who has been