LG BD300 Blu-ray player and Netflix streamer to ship at $349?

Well look at that. Circuit City is offering up the LD BD300 for $50 under the launch MSRP of $399. Better yet, the shipping date is only a few days away on October 10, 2008. Amazon however, still list

CEDIAcrunch Hands-on: LG BD300 Blu-ray Netflix player

For a low price of $399, a consumer can get both a BD Live-enable Blu-ray player with a Netflix streamer. Plus, after a little hands on time, I think LG has a winner with the BD300. The player loads q

LG's BD300 Netflix Blu-ray player priced

We already knew almost everything about LG’sĀ innovativeĀ Blu-ray player, the BD300. We knew that it streams Netflix, is BD Live capable but we didn’t know the price. Well, Lucky Goldstar

Netflix charges more for Blu-ray discs; loves streaming

Confirmation came Monday from Netflix that the movie rental giant is charging more for Blu-ray discs in a test program. No hard and fast pricing is available yet as the company is determining a pricin