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  • Apparently, there are new ways to watch movies

    The Wall Street Journal has a quick little summary of some of the new ways you’ll be watching movies. Many, if not all of them, are already familiar to us here: BD-Live, watching movies on your iPhone then moving them to your TV, kiosks at Blockbuster that burn burn movies to discs, etc. Laughably, there’s also a mention of movie theaters’ attempts to draw people to their… Read More

  • DVD-A1UD: DENON announces the world’s first high-end Blu-ray universal player

    Denon today announced what they say is the the world’s first high-end Blu-ray universal player [JP], meaning it can play Blu-ray discs, SACDs, CDs, DVD-Audio and DVD-Video. The DVD-A1UD (strange name) is the successor of the DVD-A1XV. Denon says its DENON Link 4th technology (in combination with HDMI 1.3) dramatically reduces jitter, leading to an improved sound quality from all… Read More

  • Disney unleashes the lawyers on Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray

    Nobody takes the fun out of life more than lawyers and Disney’s 57-page EULA on its Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray release. The agreement must be accepted before disc access is allowed and then there is another 63-page Privacy Policy agreement screen before access to BD Live material can be accessed. The whole ordeal is a tad annoying. It’s understandable that Disney wants to protect… Read More

  • Samsung updates the BD-P1500 Blu-ray player to support BD Live

    Hot on the heels of Sony’s BD Live firmware updates comes Samsung’s BD-P1500 BD Live-capable firmware. All owners need to do is update the firmware via the players GUI or by downloading the update on Samsung’s website and then burning it onto a CD to enable BD Live. This update might signal a turning point in Blu-ray’s sales battle as it joins Sony’s BDP-350… Read More

  • Blu-ray Iron Man too popular for its own good, caused BD-Live connectivity problems

    Having problems accessing the BD-Live content of Iron Man? Turns out you’re not alone, and Paramount thinks it knows what’s going on: the movie is just too gosh darn popular! The movie, which was released on Blu-ray last Tuesday, is so popular, Paramount says, that the record number of people trying to access the BD-Live content have overloaded the servers. And when the servers… Read More

  • LG BD300 Blu-ray player and Netflix streamer to ship at $349?

    Well look at that. Circuit City is offering up the LD BD300 for $50 under the launch MSRP of $399. Better yet, the shipping date is only a few days away on October 10, 2008. Amazon however, still lists the unit at $399 so no word if this is the price is from LG or if it’s a Circuit City promotion. Either way, this is one hell of a deal. You get not only a Blu-ray Profile 2.0 BD Live… Read More

  • Fresh BD-Live content now available for Transformers, now with more awesomeness

    If you’re lucky enough to own a PS3 or a Blu-ray player with Profile 2.0 and you own Transformers then you’re in luck, friend. Dreamworks has let loose a video for BD-Live dubbed “Robot Ninjas”, which is the battle scene between Barricade and Bumblebee. According to HDD, the video was pulled together from “video diary footage and animatics culled by the… Read More

  • Disney bringing five animated classics to Blu-ray

    Disney has always been in Blu-ray’s pocket and now Mouse & Co. is bringing their 2-ton gorilla to the struggling high-def format. The media company is trying to spur consumer interest about the format with five of their classic animated films. Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Fantasia 2000 and Beauty and the Beast are now added to the queue previously… Read More

  • Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD Blu-ray player leaks out

    Most AV guys will tell you that, currently, the best Blu-ray player on the market is the PS3. That reign is going to come smashing down when the Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD hits the market though. Simply put: this is one bad mother. 50lbs of steel and aluminum, this Blu-ray player is the stuff some guys dream about. Well, maybe just our dreams. The BDP-09FD is the first Pioneer unit to… Read More

  • Warner Bros. may use BD-Live on “The Dark Knight” Blu-ray release

    It was reported in July that Warner Bros. didn’t want to use the BD-Live feature with its Blu-ray releases. Now since “The Dark Knight” was such a big hit they’re changing their tune. It’s not set in stone, but the movie maybe the first Warner release to have the feature. Everyone knows the Blue-ray release of “The Dark Knight” is going to be a must… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: PS3 firmware 2.2 is live

    I’m sure most of the fanbois are already aware that 2.2 was let loose earlier tonight, but in case you’re working the late shift or you’re not at home then this is for you. BD-Live is now in full effect. Read More

  • Innovation: New Blu-ray standard mandates Internet connectivity (like HD DVD had at launch)

    Flickr’d Now with HD DVD out of the picture, the Blu-ray camp is free to promote the format’s cutting edge technology, no matter how dull that edge may be. USA Today has a puff piece today on Blu-ray’s upcoming Profile 2.0, known colloquially as BD-Live. The new standard, which is scheduled to debut this fall, requires that Blu-ray players… Read More

  • Blu-ray's BD-Live caught on video

    Blu-ray 2.0 gets demoed and looks kind of cool. I feel like a lot of the stuff going on in the video has been available on HD DVD, but I could be wrong. Video can be found here. Read More

  • Daewoo Unveils Its First Blu-ray Player

    During IFA, Daewoo, maker of all things cheap and imported, announced it would be dipping its feet into the waters of the Blu-ray market with its first player, the DBP-1000. Sleek blue looks aside, the player is slim and supports full BD-R specifications. It can access live content, output in 1080p via HDMI, upscale DVDs and photos to full-rez, and can playback DivX files. The DBP-1000 can… Read More