• Sony Walkman Sales Surpass iPod Sales In Japan

    Apple is huge in Japan. The iPhone sells well, as do Macs, the iPad and, of course, the iPod. For years, big A’s music players haven been outselling Sony’s Walkman, the No. 2 favorite device among Japanese consumers. In the past month, however, things have changed (on the picture above, you can see the Sony Walkman S series Sony launched back in May). Read More

  • First sales survey indicates iPad is big hit in Japan

    The iPhone turned out to be a mega-hit in Japan’s competitive cell phone market, and the iPad is poised to replicate this success. Tokyo-based market research firm BCN [JP] today said Apple’s share of the domestic notebook market more than tripled in May (on a month-to-month basis) to reach 11.5% – thanks to the iPad. Read More