• BlackBerry Touch (Monaco) Gets The Pre-Release Video Treatment

    Aaaand the BlackBerry leak avalanche continues. First came a handful of stills focused on RIM’s next full face touchscreen handset, known around the rumor mill as either the “BlackBerry Touch”, or by its codename, the “Monaco”. Then came stills of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 2, followed up shortly thereafter with stills of the BlackBerry Torch 2. Unless they pull… Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold Touch Caught On Video

    Are those leaked still shots just not sating your hunger for the still-unannounced BlackBerry Bold Touch? How about some video? The gents over at N4BB just received this video of the Bold Touch in action — and man, does it seem smooth. The video’s pretty short, but it’s enough to have definitely piqued my interest. Read More

  • BlackBerry Torch 2 Gets A Pre-Announcement Hands-On, As Well

    Line’em up, and shoot’em down. Following up on his hands-ons with the full touchscreen BlackBerry Monaco, and the half touchscreen half keyboard BlackBerry Bold Touch, Boy Genius is back with yet another installment of “bursting RIM’s bubble”. This time, it’s the BlackBerry Torch 2. Read More

  • The BlackBerry Bold Touch Gets Handled In Its First Hands-On

    RIM’s doing their damnedest to keep their BlackBerry World announcements a secret, but it just doesn’t seem to be working. Just last week, a photo gallery of their next full touchscreen device (don’t call it a Storm) leaked out. This week, it’s something even more exciting: the BlackBerry Bold Touch got pawed at. Read More

  • RIM's Next Full Touchscreen BlackBerry Caught On Camera, Might Not Carry The "Storm" Name

    As hard as they tried, RIM just couldn’t find a fanbase with the BlackBerry Storm. Between a mild critical reception, a handful of hardware issues in the first batches, and the super wonky SurePress touchscreen that people came to know it for, the “Storm” name has been… tainted, in a way. Seems like RIM agrees. A handful of mega clear shots of the next full… Read More