• Happy Birthday, BBS!

    WWIV, Wildcat, Celerity — these hallowed names represent the best of a golden era of communication, back when “getting online” meant tying up the family phone line, remembering arcane Hayes AT codes to maximize performance out of the 9600 baud modem your dad borrowed from work, and TradeWars was the best multiplayer game available. Yes, I’m talking about Bulletin… Read More

  • 508 BBSes of yore

    I was just looking for Wayne Bell, creator of the WWIV BBS system, and I found this list of 508 area code BBSes complete with notes from the original sysops. I was on the 614 area code myself, so I never visited these sites, but weren’t those the days, kids? Fidonet FTW. 508 Area Code BBSes Through History [BBSLIST]
    Eagle’s Dare Read More