BBC Uses WhatsApp For An Ebola Health Alert Service In West Africa

While Snapchat may reportedly be talking to a dozen news organisations for a “Snapchat Discovery” service, another big name in mobile messaging is also breaking new ground with big media.

Storify Announces A Paid VIP Plan With Liveblogging And Collaboration Features, Partners With BBC

<a target="_blank" href="">Storify</a> has become a useful tool for media organizations trying to capture newsworthy or entertaining social media conversations for their readers,

BBC Aims For More Int’l Growth, Releases First Worldwide Sports App For iOS, Android Coming Soon

The UK's BBC began to test the waters for BBC Sport apps globally last summer with the launch of a special <a href="">app featuring

BBC Builds Out Its iPlayer Empire With iPlayer Radio, New iOS And Web Apps For Radio Service

Another digital step forward for the UK's <a target="_blank" href="">BBC</a> today, this time involving the corporation's radio assets: the state-owned broadcaster today is launchi

BBC Launches Localized iOS, Android Olympics Apps (Video Not Included Internationally)

The two-week countdown to the Olympics is on, and the big broadcasters are getting their ducks in line for how they will be streaming, tweeting, sharing, and generally filling your digital life with t

What’s Driving Facebook’s Olympics Deal With NBC? A Battle With Twitter For TV Presence

Facebook and NBC are expected to announce a partnership today for the London Olympic Games. In short, Facebook users will be reminded to watch NBC’s coverage and NBC viewers will be reminded to join

Late, Expensive And Probably Redundant: YouView Finally Launches UK Digital TV Service

Two years after it was meant to go live, and with a list of backers that includes the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Arqiva, BT and TalkTalk, YouView today <a target="_blank" href="http://www2.youvie

Facebook Adds BBC As Latest Partner For Summer Sports Push With A New Streaming App

Last week, Facebook <a href="">staked out its claim</a> as a prime destination for people

If Everyone Got Their BBC Fix Through Netflix, Could It Wipe 80% Off BBC Worldwide’s Revenues?

The VoD service <a target="_blank" href="">Netflix</a> has been leading a charge for consumers to watch more on-demand, digital video -- with its service aggregating TV and film

Netflix lines up BBC for early 2012 launch in UK, Ireland

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Starting in early 2012, when <a href="">Netflix</a> is set to <a href="ht

Netflix Lines Up BBC For Early 2012 Launch In UK, Ireland

Starting in early 2012, when <a href="">Netflix</a> is set to <a href="

BBC’s Global iPlayer Heads To The iPhone, iPod touch

While not everyone would agree, I'm firmly of the belief that news (and most everything) sounds much better delivered in a British accent. The BBC's new global iPlayer app, which has launched in m

The BBC’s Entire Hour-Long Facebook Special Is Pulled From YouTube

The BBC did an hour-long special on Facebook, including interviews with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, as well as cameos by Ron Conway, David Kirkpatrick, and others. The entire video is now on

Tesla Sues BBC For Libel Claiming Top Gear Rigged Tests, BBC "will be vigorously defending"

Top Gear fans? Remember the episode from a few years back where the crew tried to flog the Tesla Roadster? Yeah, it didn’t end so well for the Tesla after Clarkson started off praising the littl

Updated: Apple And The BBC To Co-Host iPad 2 Release Event?

<img src="" />Let the speculation begin. The BBC is holding an event next week, on the same day and exactly

BBC's New iPlayer App Gets A Hands-On

<img src="" />We heard about the BBC's <a href="

BBC To Launch On-demand iPlayer App For Android And iPad

<img src="" />We <a href="">first

Top Gear USA To Have A Stig

<img src="" />The much anticipated <a href="">Top Gear</a> USA debuts this fal

The BBC Is Going To Wait This 3D TV Thing Out For Just A Little Bit Longer

<img src="" />The Beeb: not a fan of 3D TV. Well, not a fan of the confusion surrounding its deployment. The BBC, in a recent interview, s

How publishers are trying to kill off publicly-owned tech media outlets

<img class="shot" src="" alt="" width="214" height="234" />It's a trend that is highly unlikely to happen in the US due to its ubiquitous priva
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