Sphero’s BB-8 wearable brings Force control to home automation with IFTTT support

Sphero’s BB-8 was the most memorable bit of merchandizing among last year’s epic Force Awakens merchandising bonanza. It was the perfect piece of synergy – leveraging the hardware startup’s c

The real story behind how BB-8 works in The Force Awakens

Star Wars engineering experts have tipped their hand regarding one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets: Exactly how BB-8 works in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While film-makers behind the movie h

This BB-8 Is Made Entirely Of LEGO Parts And Actually Rolls Like BB-8 Should

Ready for your semi-regular reminder that some people are just way, <em>way</em> too clever? These folks managed to make a BB-8 model.... completely out of LEGO parts. And it actually rolls. And it

The LG Rolling Bot Is A BB-8 For Your Home

Meet your new companion. LG designed this rolling robot to do all sorts of mundane tasks around your home. It can even play with your cat — just don’t ask it to vacuum your floors. It’s not that