Here’s everything you missed at TC Sessions: Robotics 2022

In case you missed it, robots took over TechCrunch on Thursday, July 21. We played host to the robotic industry’s leading startups, researchers and academics at TC Sessions: Robotics. The event

New system connects your mind to a machine to help stop mistakes

How do you tell your robot not do something that could be catastrophic? You could give it a verbal or programmatic command or you could have it watch your brain for signs of distress and have it stop

Teaching robots to learn about the world through touch

Slowly, but surely, the Baxter robot is learning. It starts as a series of random grasps — the big, red robot pokes and prods clumsily at objects on the table in front of it. The robot is learning t

Rethink Robotics, Home Of Baxter, Brings A New Robot Arm To The Party

Remember Baxter, the robotic arm with a smiling face that you can teach to do simple, repeatable tasks? Well he has a little brother! Rethink Robotics’ Sawyer is a smaller, lighter Baxter with a

Baxter The Worker Robot Puts In The Hours So You Don’t Have To

While I doubt this guy will replace the Homer Simpsons of the world, <a target="_blank" href="">Baxter by Boston-based Rethink Robotics</a> is a robot tha