Battlefield 2022

And the winner of Startup Battlefield at Disrupt SF 2022 is…Minerva Lithium

TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 — the first in-person Disrupt in three years — is in the books. And as always, we end it by crowning the winner of Startup Battlefield. It began with 20: As seasone

Here are the 5 finalists of Startup Battlefield at Disrupt 2022

During the last two days, 20 startups pitched their companies as part of TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield at Disrupt 2022. These 20 companies were selected as the best of the brand-new Startup Battl

Advanced Ionics teases electrolysis innovation ‘to clean up’ the filthy hydrogen business

Advanced Ionics, a climate-tech startup that hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is striving to drive down the price of green hydrogen by slashing how much electricity is needed for electrolysis by as mu

Labby wants to make milk healthier and cows happier with better sensors

For most dairy farmers, milk flowing from their cows is tested by a traveling technician once per month. But in a world where bovine mastitis can appear from one day to the next, it is udderly ridicu

BetterData taps the blockchain to help create better synthetic data

As the global data privacy regulatory landscape gets more convoluted and constrictive, engineering teams looking to use structured data to improve their products and AI models are being pushed to jump

Intropic helps single-use plastics decompose from the inside out

Plastics are great for so many things, but they stay around for an awfully long time. Intropic leaps to the rescue with a set of enzymes that can be added to plastics at the very beginning of their li

Incooling is building servers that uses phase change to cool down

The way Incooling co-founder and COO Helena Samodurova sees it, the IT world is experiencing two major crises: an energy crisis and a supply chain crisis. For IT teams, satisfying new climate-friendly

Reverion eyes commercial launch to draw more energy out of biogas

Born inside the Technical University of Munich, the engineers behind Reverion say they’ve had their heads down for seven years developing a way to get more electricity out of biogas and existing

Minerva Lithium uses absorbent material to change the way we extract lithium

The electric everything revolution is here, and with it an unprecedented demand for critical battery materials. The most precious of all? Lithium, the crucial ingredient in the lithium-ion batteries t

Nat4bio makes food-grade coating to protect fruit from microscopic threat

Here’s one of those questions you’ve probably never considered, but probably should: What goes on your fruit? Not out in the field — though obviously that’s something worth considering too

Ally is building a dead-simple, no-code robot arm

“Both my dad and mom had their own business,” Ally Robotics founder and CEO Mitch Tolson tells TechCrunch. “My mom had a sign company. Every single weekend and nights during the week, I was inst

Staax thinks peer-to-peer payments can onboard a new generation of stock investors

For better or for worse, Robinhood helped inspire a new generation of investors to enter the stock market. Now that investing is cool again, upstarts like Staax, which pitched today at TechCrunch Disr

Hormona wants women to track their ‘hormonal health’ with at-home testing

Quantified health activity is all around us these days, as scores of people use mobile sensing technologies to keep an eye on their well-being by tracking their steps, workouts and even how long and d

Swap Robotics is paving the way for electric solar vegetation cuts and sidewalk snow plowing

Swap Robotics, a company that manufactures electric grass-cutting and snow removal robots, presented today at TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield to detail how it’s making sustainable outdoor wor

DigestAI’s 19-year-old founder wants to make education addictive

When Quddus Pativada was 14, he wished that he had an app that could summarize his textbooks for him. Just five years later, Pativada has been there and done that — earlier this year, he launche

Mother Honestly’s new offering aims to give employees more freedom when it comes to caregiving spend

Being a working parent is challenging. Being a working mother, according to many studies, is extra challenging. Many mothers have had the unfortunate experience of having to choose between their caree

Code analysis tool AppMap wants to become Google Maps for developers

In December 2021, a vulnerability in a widely used logging library that had gone unfixed since 2013 caused a full-blown security meltdown.  The 10/10-rated Log4Shell flaw in Log4j, an open source log

Anthill connects frontline workers to company resources through text messaging

If the pandemic has made us completely rethink the way we work, that we — the swath of workers at home in pajamas popping into meetings on Zoom — leaves out a massive chunk of the workforce that c

Circular Genomics uses RNA to stop depression meds being a guessing game

For many people who live with depression, medication is an important part of managing the condition. But knowing which will work for you can be a difficult months-long process. Circular Genomics claim

Omneky uses AI to generate social media ads

Meet Omneky, a startup that leverages OpenAI’s DALLE-2 and GPT-3 models to generate visuals and text that can be used in ads for social platforms. The company wants to make online ads both cheaper a
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