• Panasonic's New Electric Bike Has Big Battery, Boasts 66km Travel Range

    We’ve covered quite a few electric bikes over the years, but Panasonic’s new model, the oddly named EX BE-ENE [JP, PDF] has one feature that makes it stand out: at 12Ah, it boasts the battery with biggest capacity for an e-bike out there, according to the company. Panasonic says its version tops conventional e-bike batteries by around 20% in this area. Read More

  • Israeli Company Perfecting 59 Second EV Charge

    How do you recharge an electric vehicle in 59 seconds? Simple. You swap out the battery. Tokyo’s largest taxi company has been testing a rather surprising and innovative method of extending the range on their electric fleet: swapping out the battery. Makes sense really, if you think about it. Read More

  • Flying Green: The Possibilities And Challenges Of Electric Aircraft

    Airplanes release greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere and require enormous amounts of fuel to fly. A Boeing 747 can consume up to five gallons of fuel per mile. But what if planes could be powered by electricity? Though they won’t replace passenger airliners anytime soon, small, zero-emission, electric planes are flying today. Engineers have been pursing electric flight for decades. Read More

  • The Icon iPhone charger is real

    Our good buddy Wayne in Singapore just picked up the Icon iPhone charger at a PC fair and reports that it’s real, it works, and it’s pretty cool. Read More

  • MiLi Power Skin claims to be smallest iPhone external battery yet

    The trade-off between compact size and prolonged battery life has plagued iPhone owners pretty much since the product was released. There’s only so much space to cram battery cells in that sleek form factor, so the operating time of the phone is restricted. A variety of products have entered the market to extend the life of your iPhone battery without overly extending the bulk of the phone. Read More

  • Sanyo's electric bicycle charges battery on both flat ground and downhill slopes

    We have reported about electric bicycles multiple times in the past, but today Sanyo in Japan announced [press release in English] the “eneloop Hybrid Bicycle” whose battery riders can actively charge while pedaling on flat roads. Previous models, for example this one Sanyo released in 2008, mainly harness energy from braking when the bike goes downhill (“Loop Charge… Read More

  • Battery-powered heat socks

    Battery-powered socks that help keep your feet warm? What may sound a bit like overkill at first does make sense when you think of motorcycle riders or people having to work outdoors for long hours during winter. Made by Tokyo-based Bionics Japan, the so-called Heat Sock EX [JP] heats your entire foot by incorporating conductive carbon fibers. Read More

  • Amazon announces better battery life and native PDF support for the Kindle

    Amazon announced some major changes to their Kindle e-book reader today. Specifically, it stated that they’ve worked out a way to increase battery life by 85%. That means that the new firmware update will allow you to leave your Kindle on (with the wifi active) for about 7 days before you need to recharge. Additionally, the Kindle will now support Adobe’s PDF format natively. Read More

  • Solar energy and lithium-ion batteries: Sanyo now builds "green" homes in Japan

    Sanyo is already being considered Japan’s “greenest” brand in the consumer electronics field (which is the main reason Panasonic is about to acquire the company), but them building complete, eco-friendly buildings is certainly new. Sanyo Homes [JP], a wholly-owned subsidiary, will start marketing all-electric homes with lithium ion batteries providing back up power to… Read More

  • Let all other flashlights kneel before the mPower Emergency Illuminator

    LEDs have really changed the flashlight market. It used to be that a Maglight was the pinnacle of illumination technology. Not any more. Read More

  • Researchers creating a nuclear powered battery

    Man has long been on a quest for a better battery. This has resulted in some less then ideal solutions, such as the potato battery (it was half baked) and the onion battery (too smelly). Finally, researchers at the University of Missouri have developed a smaller, more efficient, and hopefully radiation free nuclear battery. Read More