New lithium metal tech can create ultralight car batteries and thinner phones

Soon cars, drones, phones, and almost anything with a battery are about to get a boost from a new MIT spin-out, SolidEnergy Systems. The company promises to double the battery life of basic lithium i

Embedded fuel cells power smartphones for a week… and could run the world

People love their smartphones but hate poor battery life. We love having access to the world’s information at our fingertips but tire of the need to constantly plug in to the world’s electricity g

Intel Invests In Qnovo’s Battery Boosting Tech

Qnovo, a Newark, California-based firm that's been developing battery charging enhancement technology since 2010, is today announcing an $8.6 million Series B funding round, with Intel Capital joining

Stanford Scientists Demo Promising Aluminum-Ion Battery

Scientists at Stanford University have developed a prototype bendable battery made from aluminum that charges very quickly, is long lasting and offers safety advantages over lithium cells given the ma

The FiiV Case Straps A Hotspot And Battery To Your iPad

If you pick up a Wi-Fi iPad only to then find out you need wireless on the go all the time, your options for getting it access aren't ideal. You either activate the hotspot feature on your phone, wast

Apple Watch Will Need Juicing Daily, Says Tim Cook

Apple fans hoping Cupertino's reality distortion field was going to do magical things to the battery life of its forthcoming Apple Watch had better reset their expectations to something far more avera

If You Need More Power, This Backup Battery Can Survive Even When Your Phone Can’t

[protected-iframe id=”35106d303b16e90a8ed8aca73be58eba-24588526-5302483″ info=”https://www.kickstarter .com/projects/limefuel/external-usb-battery-pack-limefuel-ip66-rugged-150/widge

Mophie’s Powerstation XL Packs In The Power For Extended Time Away From Outlets

Our devices have a never-ending hunger for power – it’s their single greatest failing, in a time when they can do incredible things but still only last around a day of solid use in the best-ca

Apple Replacing ‘Limited’ Number Of iPhone 5s With Manufacturing Issue Leading To Battery Life Problem

Apple released a statement today to The New York Times noting that a manufacturing issue has caused shortened battery life in a ‘very limited’ number of iPhone 5s devices. At its introduct

Apple Working On Location-Aware Battery Management For iPhone

Apple has been tinkering with ways to make the iPhone better at managing battery life intelligently based on usage pattern, a new patent filing published by the USPTO today (spotted by AppleInsider) r

Tesla Shows Off A 90-Second Battery Swap System, Wants It At Supercharging Stations By Year’s End

Tesla teased electric motorheads earlier this week by announcing an event that would show off its curious <a href="

Gcorelab Gets $482,000 For New Battery Cooling Technology

A Singapore clean-tech company called Gcorelab has just received $482,000 (S$589,000) in funding for a new technology that promises to control the thermal issues that have plagued lithium-ion batterie

Mophie’s iPhone 5 Battery Case, The Juice Pack Helium, Now Available For $79.95

Mophie is one of the most trusted names in iPhone and mobile backup batteries, and the company has finally debuted its battery case for iPhone 5. The Mophie Juice Pack Helium is around 13 percent thin

Android Phones And Tablets Ranked By Battery Life: Longest Lasting Smartphones Aren’t Top-Tier Devices

Android smartphones can have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to battery life, though that reputation has definitely improved in general over time. A new report updated today ranks the top 15 and

Gift Guide: HyperJuice 2 External Battery For Mac, iPad And Mobile Devices

Do you like power? It's very useful for using all those electronic devices we have. But often, those devices have less power than we'd like them to, especially when we're traveling or fighting for soc

iPhone 5 Battery Images Leak: Only Slighter Larger Than iPhone 4S Battery, Despite Expected LTE

In the blogosphere's continuing quest to assemble a virtual iPhone 5 before Apple unveils a real one in September, <a target="_blank" href="

Carat: The Brilliant App That Increases Your Battery Life By Showing What Other Apps To Kill

"Kill Pandora - Expected Battery Life Improvement: 1 hour 50 minutes" This is what you'll learn from <a target="_blank" href="">Carat</a>, an incredibly useful free <a tar

iPhone 4S Battery Life Bugs Got You Down? Try This

It hits you when you least expect it. It slips away under a mask of dormant inactivity. And it can ruin your entire day. It's your iPhone 4S battery life, and it <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.c

New Wifi Tech Could Double Your Phone’s Battery Life

<img src=''> If you ever get the sense that someone on the wifi network you're using is hogging all the juice, you may be right. Not o

Concept USB Drive/Battery Is At Least Clever

Designer Wonchul Hwang has an idea: it’s a AA battery with a pop out USB connector that doubles as a flash drive and a rechargeable battery, thus allowing you to power your electronic devices an
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