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  • With its new wireless ecosystem, Mophie wants to remove cords from your life

    With its new wireless ecosystem, Mophie wants to remove cords from your life

    More often than not, mobile devices are a permanent dash from power socket to power socket. Mophie is the #1 brand in extending your range between charges, and with the launch of “Charge Force”, the brand wants to remove incessant plugging and unplugging from your life, too, with a brand new wireless ecosystem. Read More

  • AnkerBox launches charging-as-a-service

    AnkerBox launches charging-as-a-service

    Screen sizes on smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, but battery tech is lagging behind. As a heavy user of your smartphone, you’ll know that dreaded feeling of your battery marching towards extinction. The most common solution to the problem is to carry a charger or a USB battery pack, but both have downsides — AnkerBox is here to try make life a little bit easier when… Read More

  • Ampy Is A Wearable Spare Battery That Charges As You Move

    Ampy Is A Wearable Spare Battery That Charges As You Move

    It was surely only a matter of time before someone thought to capitalize on the current trend for wearables with a battery designed to charge via kinetic energy. And so meet Ampy: a spare battery pack, currently bidding for crowdfunds on Kickstarter, that straps to your person and, its makers claim, charges up from human movement, such as walking, running and cycling. Read More

  • Combination iPhone battery pack and flash from FastMac

    Here’s my problem with this (admittedly perfectly good) product: if you need more battery time, you don’t need ten more hours of it. Usually you need maybe two more hours of it so you can get to a plug, or finish the flight, or what have you. Point being, why would you want to make your iPhone wear a big-ass battery backpack all the time? A little battery the size of a pack of… Read More

  • Battery powered pen luckily powers cellphones instead

    Our growing army of rapidly depleting mobile devices are spawning all manner of methods to power them back up again. You got your standard car chargers, your solar powered varieties; there is even a charge-by-motion that will soon (someday) be available. It just makes sense that we can now also add a pen into the mix. The One Battery Mobile Charger Pen supplies one AA battery worth of… Read More

  • Sanyo offers clever Eneloop solution for Wii wireless controllers

    Wii users may never have to take the batteries out of their wireless controllers again. Today Sanyo announced [JP] it has teamed up with Nintendo to develop a Wii battery and charger set that is based on the Eneloop concept. These low self-discharge NiMH batteries feature longer shelf life. The Eneloop battery pack is placed on the back of the Wii controller. All you have to do after playing is… Read More