• Toshiba demos fast-charging battery: 90 percent in 10 minutes

    Thank you, lord. And by lord, I mean Toshiba. Now, if you believe everything you read, it appears that these new SCiB batteries last longer, charge faster, stay cooler, and survive more recharges. If I’m not mistaken, that’s an improvement on every single aspect I care about in a laptop battery. The one thing they don’t mention is price. And you can bet that if these things… Read More

  • Girth-y extended battery for HTC Shift

    HTC Shift owners (see our review here) who have a little extra coin and don’t mind adding some relatively substantial girth to their device may find solace in a $240 extended battery from Mugen. Paul from Modaco posted a video of the battery itself and how it looks when added to the Shift. The included battery cover is a nice touch. The Shift’s standard battery is 2700mAh and is… Read More

  • NTT Data paves the way for new kind of lead-acid batteries

    Tokyo-based NTT Data developed a manufacturing process to prolong the life span and reduce the weight of lead-acid batteries. The company said it will make use of its new technology in uninterruptible power supplies and possibly in automotive applications. Production of conventional batteries requires high quantities of lead to retain capacity because lead particles bind together over… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 80 Duracell AA batteries for $30

    If there are two truths I’ve learned throughout my storied 29.5 years, it’s that 1) Everybody needs batteries and 2) Not everybody loves Everybody Loves Raymond. Some say it’s his voice or the constant bickering between his wife and his mother, but I digress. Go to and buy 80 AA batteries from Duracell – it’ll be five two-packs at $8.07 each. Your… Read More

  • Sony wants to stop lying to us about battery life

    We all know that laptop makers have been using misleading figures for battery life for years now. The packaging would say 10-12 hours, but when you started using the thing you wouldn’t get anything near that and Sony is fessing up. Most venders use the Japanese tech association Jeita’s method, which is the average of power depletion when idle and playing a movie file. This seems… Read More

  • Battery powered pen luckily powers cellphones instead

    Our growing army of rapidly depleting mobile devices are spawning all manner of methods to power them back up again. You got your standard car chargers, your solar powered varieties; there is even a charge-by-motion that will soon (someday) be available. It just makes sense that we can now also add a pen into the mix. The One Battery Mobile Charger Pen supplies one AA battery worth of… Read More

  • Panasonic announces new Evolta super-batteries

    Yesterday Panasonic unveiled new rechargeable batteries in their Evolta series [JP], which clearly top existing products in terms of lifetime. In Japan, they will go on sale on October 1 (no word on availability outside this country yet). Users can supposedly recharge the nickel-metal hydride batteries up to 1,200 times, around 20% more than existing Evolta products and Sanyo’s… Read More

  • MIT team creating nano-batteries using viruses as builders

    I don’t know what’s cooler, that I could coat everything I have in micron-thin battery film, or the fact that these guys are using viruses to do the dirty work. Get ready for some gray goo.

    The technique is cool but nothing new, and there’s nothing crazy about the batteries themselves (other than the fact that they’re only a couple micrometers wide), but the process… Read More

  • Charged batteries are like bacon, you can never have enough

    Notebook computers are starting to outnumber desktops in many schools and work settings. Keeping these laptops charged and ready to go can be a real challenge for a lot of IT people. The problem is more common in the schools, since students could lose or forget their power cords. To solve this problem some teachers or IT peeps may consider Oncore’s 6-Bay Battery Charger for Apple… Read More

  • Sanyo adds new Eneloop batteries to its lineup

    Today Sanyo announced that from September 12, they will be offering C and D-sized rechargeable eneloop batteries. However, the lineup of AA and AAA-sized batteries will be expanded in Japan first. Sanyo hasn’t talked about release dates or prices for other markets yet. In Japan, one C-sized battery will cost $13 (D-size version: $15). The batteries are rechargeable up to 1,000 times. Read More

  • Nissan has a new electric car: Its batteries are good

    Nissan is throwing its hat into the electric vehicle ring in a big way. The Japanese auto maker just announced the development of a vehicle that has a new type of battery. Compared to the batteries found in other electric (and hybrid) vehicles, the one found in Nissan’s can store twice as much electricity. Batteries are seen as one of the choke points in electric and hybrid vehicle… Read More

  • Hack together a nine-cell battery for the MSI Wind

    If you’re not yet turned off by MSI’s recent price hikes or you have a three-cell version of the Wind already, a post over in the MSI Wind Forums details how to turn the small-ish three-cell battery into a whopping nine-cell battery. It looks relatively easy if you’re really determined, although I’d likely not attempt anything that involved slicing the battery open with… Read More

  • Is a LiFe battery going to power your electric car?

    Battery technology is a complicated and frustrating field, I’m sure. There are only a few sectors of technology where you’re limited by the actual physical characteristics of the elements you work with. But NiMH and Lithium Cobalt are not meeting power demands, to say nothing of the toxic and environmental effects of something like Cobalt being in all our electronics. An… Read More

  • iPhone battery dead and no outlet in sight? Try Brando's iPhone Power Station

    Awful iPhone 3G (or 2G for that matter) got you down? Brando has just released the iPhone Power Station that lets you charge your iPhone when you’re away from a proper outlet. The power station has a capacity of 1000mAh, so definitely enough to save you from the awful reality of being without your iPhone for more than two minutes at a time. $25, so nearly free for you Europeans. Read More

  • Mophie ‘Juice Pack’ for iPod Touch coming in August

    Already available for the iPhone, the Mophie Juice Pack will be available in an iPod Touch-friendly version next month. The $99 apparatus contains a lithium polymer battery and doubles as a soft-grip case that holds the Touch, giving it an extra seven hours of video playback or 24 hours of audio playback. That’s an entire day! You may recall that I took a look at the Richard Solo… Read More

  • iPowerJacket protects and charges your iPhone

    This interesting accessory appears to be a case with a built-in secondary battery/dock combo that recharges your iPhone. The product’s web site is scant on details and the contact page says “We are looking for distributors for the United States and Europe,” so it’s tough to tell if and when you’d be able to buy one of these iPowerJackets. UPDATE: Apparently you… Read More

  • VW and Sanyo getting together on Li-ion batteries for hybrids

    Following the lead of Nissan and NEC, which both recently have started down this track, the German carmaker is looking into lithium-ion batteries to improve its hybrids and electrics. It sounds like the Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries in their cars are both heavier and more toxic than the alternative. The Li-ion batteries would lower the weight of the car by hundreds of pounds… Read More

  • Energize your Wii Fit with the Nyko Energy Pak

    If you’re using your Wii Fit enough to warrant a rechargeable batter pack, God bless you. Nyko’s Energy Pak is a rechargeable battery with LED charge indicator that fits right into the Wii Fit and offers 20 hours of life. It comes with an AC adapter. Available on May 19, the pack will cost $19.99 and should be on shortly. We gave out about five billion Nyko products at… Read More

  • Sony demos tiny fuel cell with 14-hour charge

    I hate batteries, but I love fuel cells. At some point in the near future the technology will do as promised, giving us hours of clean energy for our portable gear. Sadly, they’re still too big to be practical, but Sony’s working on the problem, and has this nifty palm-sized fuel cell to show for it. It’s a methanol-based unit, and can provide up to 14 hours of charge for… Read More

  • Samsung's new next-gen laptop batteries to HP, Dell

    Samsung’s developed a new battery for small form factor laptops that it’s going to be selling to American PC manufacturers, likely to HP and Dell, according to rumor. They’re using a new technology that gives the battery a 10% longer charge than previous generation batteries as well as a faster charging time. No word yet on if, like Sony’s, the batteries will explode… Read More

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