Review: Energizer Recharge Smart Charger

<img src="">The last time I paid attention to rechargeable batteries was probably back in the early 1990s. We had this hug

Guinness World Record: Sanyo battery lets e-car travel 555.6 km without recharging

<img src="" /> One of the biggest obstacles that prevents <a href="">electric cars and oth

Review: Case-mate Hug Wireless Charging Pad and Case for iPhone 3G/3GS

Short Version: A bit of a twist on traditional induction chargers, Case-mate’s “Hug Wireless Charging Pad and Case” attempts to offset its $100 price tag by adhering to the Wireless Power Consor

New Panasonic batteries make serious promises (and need serious work)

<img src="" />Panasonic held a press conference yesterday at which they revealed a new type of battery — well, really, it's a tradi

Traveling with batteries and ordering gadgets online could soon get pricey

Here are two totally unrelated things I like to do: order gadgets and smartphones online, and travel with loads of spare batteries. Well, perhaps they’re not all that unrelated. Both offer a lot

Stocking Stuffer: PowerGenix NiZn rechargeable batteries

<img src="">There’s a fine line between giving regular batteries as a gift and giving rechargeable batteries as a gift. Giving someo

Review: Dexim P-Flip Foldable Power Dock

Short Version: Equal parts backup battery and iPhone dock, Dexim’s $55 P-Flip Foldable Power Dock serves as a nice daily desk accessory and then easily pulls double duty as a portable travelling com

Review: Energizer Flat Panel 2X Charging System for Wii

Available starting today, the $30 Energizer Flat Panel 2X Charging System from Performance Designed Products is an inexpensive, quick, and cool way to juice up your Wii remotes.

PowerPak wall charger doubles as portable backup battery

<img src="">Here's an interesting idea: what if the part of the cell phone charger that you plug into the wall doubled

Gigantic iPhone charger packs 3000mAh battery

<img src="">Whoever manipulated the above image to make this humongous iPhone battery pack look relatively manageabl

Emergency iPhone charger measures just 1cm thick

<img src="" alt="slim" /> This thing's slim, I tell you. Slim. At just one centimeter thick, the "Ultra Slim (Card

Man hacks USB charging port into netbook battery

<img src="" alt="netbook battery" />Wow, this is impressive. An enterprising young man from a faraway land (the Czech Republic!) too

CrunchDeals: 100 AA or AAA batteries for $10 + $6 s&h

There isn’t a single reason why you shouldn’t spend a total of $16 for 100 AA batteries. Who cares if these Kodak Ener G Alkaline aren’t as good as Energizer or Duracell batteries? I

Seidio's normal-size extended Palm Pre battery adds about 20% juice

<img src="" alt="battery" />If you find yourself wishing your Palm Pre had a tad more battery life, Seidio is now selling an extended

Printed batteries to be rolling out before year's end

<img src="" />Some German researchers have conjured up a kind of battery that's less than a millimeter thin and is made by the reactive

French company to develop Nasa's next-generation batteries: Lighter, longer lasting

<img src="" />Nasa (NASA?) has selected Saft, a French company, to develop its next-generation batteries, batteries that will power tomorro

CrunchDeals: 100-pack of AAA Rayovac batteries for $8.99

<img src="">Holy, poop. This is a lot of batteries for only 9 bucks. How can you go wrong? The description says these batteries are "co

Review: InCharge for Wii induction charger

  Short Version: Wii owners sick of replacing controller batteries every couple weeks will find Tekno Creations’ $35 InCharge contact-less charging system to be a good investment.

CrunchDeals: Energizer iPhone/iPod ‘Energi to Go’ emergency battery for $10

<img src="">Here’s a reasonably priced iPod-compatible quick battery charger from Energizer. is selling it for $9.99, while

Review: Kensington Rechargeable Pocket Booster for Mobile Phones

Short Version: Simple to operate and offering the ability to pop out the rechargeable AAA batteries for use in other devices, the Pocket Booster pulls double duty as life support for your phone and ba
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