• The Bathys Atomic Watch Is Heading Towards A Crowdfunded Future

    The Bathys Atomic Watch Is Heading Towards A Crowdfunded Future

    Bathys, a boutique watchmaker based on Kauai, Hawaii and run by one determined man, first announced their wild Cesium 133 atomic watch in October. Now, a few months later, the company is nearly ready to hit the shoals of crowdfunding. Read More

  • Watch Startup Bathys Creates An Atomic Clock For Your Wrist

    Watch Startup Bathys Creates An Atomic Clock For Your Wrist

    While this watch may look goofy as all get-out, rest assured it holds an important spot in the history of timekeeping. It is one of the first “atomic” clocks that is accurate to a second every thousand years – provided the battery doesn’t die. Called the Cesium 133 it’s made by a small Hawaiian watch company called Bathys [Warning: Autoplaying audio] Read More

  • Bathys Hawaii Benthic Titanium Watch Giveaway

    Over at you can enter to win a Bathys Hawaii Benthic Ti watch. The diver style watch is a cool classic, with a retrograde day of the week indicator and big date. It has a Swiss movement and comes in a 48mm wide titanium case. There is no trick to entering and the giveaway runs until the end of the month. Click the “Read More” link to visit the entry page. Read More

  • Bathys Bomb Timer Watch Hands-On

    This is a working prototype of Bathys’ upcoming Bomb Timer watch – and it is very cool. I want to make two things clear from the start. First, as I said, this is a prototype, and will undergo a few changes before production. This includes aspects of the case, dial, and movement finishing. So again, this is a test… this is only a test. Second, the name Bomb Timer (while open… Read More

  • Bathys Benthic Ti available soon, new Damascus Bathic to be revealed

    Well, we got official word from John at Bathys today, the Benthic Ti that we told you about back in July is finally coming out. Read More

  • Bathys releases a diver for the ladies

    Shore is purdy! This watch has a quartz movement with PVD-coated case and a moonphase read-out at 6 o’clock. The watch costs $795. Bathys is a watch company run by a surfer who loves in Hawaii. How’s that for provenance? Read More

  • Bathys releases two new models, new blog

    Bathys watches are some of my favorites. Created by a young man named John Patterson who lives in Hawai’i, they’re aimed at surfers and outdoorsy types who don’t want to look like Captain Digitalpants while wearing a big, wonky wrist computer. He just announced two new models, the Ti-Quartz Benthic (top) and the Lunar Wahine (above). The Ti-Quartz has a Ronda 7003.N… Read More

  • Review of the Bathys 100 Fathoms Automatic Watch

    Just finished a quick review of the Bathys 100 Fathoms Automatic Watch at my watch porn site, WristWatchReview. This watch is made in Swizterland but was designed by John Patterson, surfer who hangs ten in Hawaii and wanted something that could survive the deepest depths and shark attacks. At $775, it’s fairly pricey but it’s quite handsome and comes with two removable straps… Read More

  • Bathys Automatic Watches

    I’m a watch freak so I decided to share this with you all. This is a Bathys Automatic, designed by John Patterson in Kaua’i. This guy is a surfer and wanted to make a watch that could withstand a heavy pounding on some of the island’s amazing beaches. He designed his first watch last year, sold out all of his quartz models, and went to Switzerland to have automatics made. Read More