• Orgel Spa: Hear music in your bathtub, feel extreme relaxation

    Sega Toys in Japan is selling a waterproof “music ball” that helps you relax while you take a bath. Dubbed Orgel Spa [JP], the small device (8cm in diameter and 6cm high) is part of the company’s toy series that’s geared towards grown-ups and further includes the Homestar Planetarium, for example. Read More

  • Rub a dub dub, TV in the tub

    Who doesn’t like a little TV in the tub? I mean these days, being without TV for more than five minutes is considered a sign of weakness, am I right? Well show all those mouth-breathing idiots in your life that you expect to be taken seriously with this $340 waterproof bathtub television. It’s got a 3-hour battery life, so you can hide in the tub for a long time when you have… Read More

  • Pink bathtub flower plug turns purple when water is nice and warm

    Here’s another one of those “why hasn’t this been around before?” moments. For your bathtub, this plug has a pink flower attached to it, a flower whose color changes in response to the temperature of the water. When the water reaches a sufficiently warm/not-too-hot temperature, the flower turns purple. Purple flower = bath time, simple as that. The odds of you being able… Read More