Another Member Of Congress Calls Congressional Oversight Of The NSA An Utter Farce

Members of Congress calling Congressional oversight of the United States intelligence empire flaccid at best, and utterly incompetent at worst, is becoming a trend. Recently in The Guardian, Rep. Ala

The NSA Oversight Farce

This weekend we learned that President Barack Obama's NSA surveillance panel, built at least in theory to vet our intelligence activities and weigh their performance against the right of privacy, <a h

Linksys Wireless Adapter/Finder: It's a Candy Mint And a Breath Mint

Know what sucks? When you have a really cool idea, like, something that you invent in your head, you get really excited about it, as it’s totally something that fulfills a need. You come up with

Free iPhone*

…and by offering up all of your private information you can get one! All you have to do is click ad spam on one of thousands of websites. Remember, however, you probably won’t get one beca