• Wrist-mounted subwoofer Basslet announces pricing and shipping

    Wrist-mounted subwoofer Basslet announces pricing and shipping

    Crowdfunded on Kickstarter last year, Lofelt’s wrist-mountable subwoofer is shipping to its backers as we speak. Basslet will be available to order on February 7 for $199. I tried it out at CES and am eager to share some first impressions. Read More

  • Enclave Audio delivers 5.1 surround sound (almost) wirelessly Crunch Network

    Enclave Audio delivers 5.1 surround sound (almost) wirelessly

    In the list of things that we want science to solve I suspect the creation of a wireless 5.1 speaker system that is easy to use and set up ranks up there in between a cure for shingles and the colonization of Mars. Thankfully, there are people on the job. Enclave Audio has been working on a wireless 5.1 sound system since 2013 and they recently released their first product at CES, the CineHome HD. Read More

  • Lost And Found In The Paneldome: The iRiffPort

    Lost And Found In The Paneldome: The iRiffPort

    We get mailed a lot of stuff at TechCrunch and sometimes a good item will slip through the cracks. This iRiffPort has been sitting in my pile of gear since it came out in October. I wrote a review. Shot some photos. It was all ready to roll and then somehow it got misplaced and I forgot about it completely. Too bad, because it is a good cable. This week, I received a postcard from Kevin… Read More

  • Gallien Krueger MB 800 Ships Soon

    Gallien Krueger MB 800 Ships Soon

    While searching for music gadgets here at the Summer NAMM conference in Nashville TN, I was reminded of one of the bright stars that garnered “Best In Show” rating from the winter version of this bi-annual conference. While the MB 800 has been anticipated since its announcement last winter, I heard today that the item is planned to ship within the next 4-6 weeks, and possibly as… Read More

  • Review: AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK

    In the course of any guitarist’s life, there will be some point where they come into contact with a product manufactured by Peavey. And if that 80s retro logo, complete with pointy-angled letters, bestows itself upon your amp on stage it will either be a source of embarrassment or a badge of honor, depending on your design tastes and sound needs. While I took the logo off it long ago, I… Read More

  • AmpliTube iRig: Rock out with your 'Phone out!

    IK Multimedia – makers of fine Guitar and Bass modeling software, among other things – have pre-order and pricing info available for their new iRig/Amplitube combo for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This system requires their iRig dongle in conjunction with an app on your device. I have used both their Amplitube and SVX desktop modeling software before with good results. This… Read More

  • The Bass Cannon: It is a cannon that sends out bass

    Anything that begins “I built this as part of an audio visual project for Burning Man 2007” is automatically suspect, but this is actually cool. It’s basically a huge cardboard tube with a massive driver. The resulting noise, at about 30Hz, was loud enough to be heard around the creator’s block. Read More

  • Couch-fishing gets real with this new Japanese robot
    Here comes another robot fish from Japan. Starting today, toymaker Nakajima [JP] ships “Dynamic Fishing”, a toy kit that consists of an angling rod, a lure and a robotic fish. The set is Nippon-only, but If you are interested and live outside Japan, you can order it via Amazon Japan [JP/ENG] for $27 plus shipping. The fish is passably similar to a… Read More

  • Cabela's 'Monster Bass' now available for PS2

    As the only CrunchGear writer born and raised in Minnesota, I’m pretty sure I got assigned to write this under the assumption that I enjoy bass fishing. Well, I don’t. I don’t really enjoy any type of fishing. I find the smell, the hand-slicing gills, and the lack of reliable internet access or power sources on the open water to be somewhat of an annoyance. Plenty of people… Read More