basel 2013

Swatch Automates Movement Assembly, Pushing Watchmaking Into The Third Quarter Of The 20th Century

While I kid a bit in the headline, this is actually pretty cool: Swatch, the largest manufacturer of mechanical watch movements in the world, has created a movement that is assembled entirely using au

Breitling Releases The Emergency II, A Watch That Can Save You If You’re Trapped On The Island

If trapped on a deserted island, you may want to spend months looking for the Pearl Station and figuring out the smoke monster, you could just pull the antenna out of the <a target="_blank" href="http

This Hublot LaFerrari Watch Looks Perfect For Cobra Commander

While I'm not a big fan of ostentatious watches that cost too much and are aimed at buyers with more money than sense (in short, most of the Hublot line) I will give this odd-looking watch a moment of