Basecamp Becomes Latest Victim Of DDoS Attackers Attempting To Extort Money From Tech Companies

Basecamp, makers of the popular online project management software of the same name (which as of this February became the company’s main focus) was hit with a distributed denial-of-service at

Tom’s Planner Acquires Gantt Chart Service Competitor Gantto

Tom’s Planner, a web-based project management service, has acquired a competitor in providing Gantt charts to track projects: Y-Combinator-backed Gantto. The company plans to merge Gantto&#82

After 8 Years On The Web, Project Management Platform Basecamp Finally Launches An “Official” iOS App

<a target="_blank" href="">Basecamp</a>, the project management platform developed by 37 Signals that launched in 2004, is still alive and kicking, which is something of a feat con

RubyOnRails XSS Vulnerability Claims Twitter, Basecamp And My Confidence

It was only three days ago that I wrote about the almost hopeless challenge of web security, specifically around new vectors with cross-site scripting attacks. Today came news that an XSS vulnerabilit

Clarizen: Project Management for Non-Project Managers (Free 1 yr. Subscriptions!)

<img src="" /> Many professionals I know are not project managers by profession and yet most at some point or another hav

Wiggio Comes Out Of Beta With A Yammer For College Students

<img src="" /> College students now have their own Yammer. Last week, <a href="">Wiggio</a> came out of beta w

Organize Your Company With WizeHive (Beta Invites)

<img src="" width="215" height="82" /> Yammer definitely started something. The <a href="//

GoPlan Takes on 37Signals

Web design and programming firm WeBreakStuff just released a new project planning suite, GoPlan, similar to Basecamp and ActiveCollab. You use this stuff when you want to get a team organized around a

New Stuff at Basecamp

37 Signals’ announced a couple of new features yesterday and today for their popular (100,000 users claimed on home page) and useful Basecamp project management product. First, Basecamp now host