• Topps: Iconic Trading Cards Brand Goes Beyond Cardboard With First-Ever Mobile Apps

    Topps: Iconic Trading Cards Brand Goes Beyond Cardboard With First-Ever Mobile Apps

    Topps, the company best known for its Bazooka bubble gum and for essentially inventing and popularizing trading cards in the 1950s, is today releasing its first-ever mobile apps in conjunction with the start of the 2012 Major League Baseball season. That’s right. People of all ages may remember collecting and trading their favorite players’ cards as youngsters, and though trading… Read More

  • Video: This is what happens when you talk on your phone at the game

    Yankee Stadium and technology simply don’t mix well together. We already know that the stadium had banned the iPad as part of its “no laptops allowed” policy, and now we have a slightly more hilarious situation. Yes, this man was just smashed in the face by a baseball because he was too busy yapping away on his phone. Read More

  • Lame: The iPad is banned at Yankee Stadium

    Bad news, Yankees fans. Apparently the winningest team in the history of sport doesn’t want you sitting inside the stadium with an iPad on your lap. That’s right: the iPad is banned at Yankee Stadium! So says a poster on one of the IGN messageboards. The Bronx is burning. Read More

  • First 3D baseball game ever will air on DirecTV in July

    Listen, it’s all well and good that DirecTV gets to make these grandiloquent announcements that it’s going to offer this or that sport in 3D—today’s news is that DirecTV will be the first TV provider to show a Major League Baseball game in 3D with this July 10 and July 11’s Yankees-Mariners clash on the YES Network—but I have one question: why in… Read More

  • Jet Hitter: New Baseball robot allows solo practice

    Baseball robots are nothing new (there’s even a dedicated Wikipedia article on them), but that didn’t stop Japan’s Meiji University and Yokohama-based metal recycling company MRC [JP] to come up with the so-called Jet Hitter [JP]. Read More

  • So much for that MLB 09 The Show prediction!

    Well that didn’t exactly pan out, now did it? Sony’s MLB 09 The Show predicted last week that the Philadelphia Phillies would win the World Series in seven games. As y’all know by now, the New York Yankees (booooo!) beat the Phillies in Game Six last night to win their 27th championship. Congratulations, Yankees, you’re the Real Madrid of baseball with a terrible stadium. Read More

  • MLB 09 The Show predicts a Phillies win in 7 games (take that, Yankees!)

    Yes~! I’m rooting for the Phillies over the Yankees this World Season because I’m a Mets fan, and I’d sooner root for Team Mars in an Earth vs. Mars Loser Leaves The Galaxy Match than root for the Yankees. HopefullyMLB 09 The Show‘s prediction pans out, because it has Philadelphia beating The Bronx Bums in seven games. Read More

  • It's time for the MLB to adopt instant replay

    Look, I’d be lying if I said I followed baseball this season. I’m a Mets guy, and you just know that, once April hits, you’re in for a reasonably OK season, but one that just looses steam as the months go by. So why bother? What I can say, though, is that, given all this evidence, it’s about time that baseball adopt the instant replay. Correct calls outweigh… Read More

  • Roku bringing MLB.TV to their lineup

    Own a Roku? Are you so much of a baseball fan that you’ve signed up for the MLB.TV premium package? Then we have a surprise for you: Roku just announced that they’ve added MLB.TV’s live, out of market baseball games to their available channels. Read More

  • Video: Two robots playing baseball (kind of)

    Baseball is a national sports in Japan and so it was just a matter of time for this baseball- and robot-crazy country to invent (industrial) robots that are able to play baseball. The 2-robot team can’t run around and doesn’t look human, but both machines are able to throw and bat the ball in quite an impressive way. Read More

  • Are you ready for some baseball? Your iPhone can stream live games

    A $10 At Bat app for the iPhone will stream “out-of-market” games to the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The first game will be the Cubs-White Sox at 2:20pm today and then the Tigers-Cardinals game at 8:15pm. You can also listen to the game and watch live illustrations but if you live in New York, for example, you won’t be able to watch Yankees or Mets games. Read More