Twitter to live stream weekly MLB games in renewed deal

Major League Baseball games are coming to Twitter as a result of a renewed partnership. This Thursday, Twitter will live stream the Texas Rangers versus the Oakland Athletics at 3:35 PM ET. The game w

A seven-year-old baseball fan with a 3D-printed hand is throwing out the first pitch of World Series Game 4

Hailey Dawson is already a veteran of tossing the ceremonial first pitch at the ripe old age of seven. She’s got two Major League games under her belt and is about to add a third, with her biggest a

An MLB team is using the iPhone’s NFC feature for contactless stadium entry

Today the MLB announced that the Oakland Athletics are piloting a new NFC ticketing solution which lets fans enter the stadium by tapping their phone (or Apple Watch) to a ticket scanner – just

The Red Sox used an Apple Watch to steal signs from the Yankees

Here's another innovative use case Apple can mention when they  announce the next Apple Watch: The device has reportedly played a key role in a baseball sign-stealing scheme run by the Boston Red Sox

The FAA gets a case study with a drone crash inside an MLB stadium

PSA: Flying your drone over a baseball stadium with tens of thousands of fans is a really, really bad (and probably illegal) idea. Yesterday someone flew their drone (which appears to be a GoPro Karma

MLB players are launching a new social network just for their fans

It’s no secret that celebrities and athletes use social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to interact with their fans. But with all the noise on these platforms, it’s not alwa

An accident with a racing drone caused an MLB pitcher to miss a playoff start

Everyone has their hobbies. And Trevor Bauer, pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, likes to build racing drones. And anyone that has ever built racing drones know they need a lot of maintenance –

A baseball wearable designed to prevent pitching injuries

Tommy John surgeries have seen a marked rise across just about every level of baseball over the past several years. The procedure, which rebuilds a pitcher’s torn ulnar collateral ligament, has

MLB All-Star Ivan Rodriguez is joining a VC fund

Baseball legend Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, who is now up for nomination for the 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame, is joining a venture capital fund. Pudge is joining z9 Capital, a $25M fund based

Apple has made Siri a baseball trivia guru

Just in time for the start of baseball season, Apple has beefed up Siri’s knowledge of baseball stats, scores, and trivia. Siri can now do things like tell you Babe Ruth’s career batting a

Derek Jeter, Budding Media Mogul, On Launching The Players’ Tribune

As his new company, The Players' Tribune, plots its course toward dominance in the sports media market after its official launch on Tuesday, Derek Jeter gives us his thoughts on his company and the t

For The First Time, More People Will Watch Streams On Devices Than Desktops

On August 26, 2002, Major League Baseball streamed its first live video of a game to the web — a tiny, grainy little player that looks laughable in comparison to today's HD streams you hold i

MLB’s iBeacon Project Enters Phase Two With Interactive Ballpark Attractions

Major League Baseball was among the first to embrace Apple’s iBeacon technology on a wide scale, installing them in 28 MLB ballparks across the U.S. last year to help iPhone owners check-in to g

Major League Baseball’s “At Bat” App Gets Updated To Support Expanded Instant Replay

It's opening day for the first Major League Baseball season to feature "expanded instant replay," a system that allows reviews of umpires' calls through video footage. And today the MLB is also releas

Baseball’s Digital Trifecta And How America’s Pastime Is Setting The Pace For Sports Online

Baseball, like many of the major sports, has swung and missed a number of times when it comes to "technology." Just look at how the league, historically, has approached instant replay; it hasn't even

Major League Baseball Brings Archives, Highlights And Live Streaming Games To YouTube (But Not In The U.S.)

Major League Baseball has always been very strict about its content appearing on YouTube and other video streaming sites. Peruse YouTube for highlights from your favorite players and teams, and you'll

Major League Baseball Strikes Deal With Qualcomm To Sort Out Wireless In Ballparks

<a target="_blank" href="">Major League Baseball</a> is the stuff of Americana and nostalgia, but it's also trying hard to keep up with the 21st century. Today, MLBAM, its interactiv

Topps: Iconic Trading Cards Brand Goes Beyond Cardboard With First-Ever Mobile Apps

<a href="">Topps</a>, the company best known for its <a href="">Bazooka bubble gum</a> and for essentially inventing and populari

Video: This is what happens when you talk on your phone at the game

<img src="" />Yankee Stadium and technology simply don't mix well together. We already know that the stadium <a HREF="http://www.crun

Lame: The iPad is banned at Yankee Stadium

<img src="" />Bad news, Yankees fans. Apparently the winningest team in the history of sport doesn't want you sitting inside the st
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