The San Francisco Giants will wear big Cruise ads through 2025

One of the fringe benefits of owning a professional sports team is the ability to sell ads on just about everything. Stadiums have been at it for some time, of course. Who can forgot when the Staples

Major League Baseball embraces 3D motion tracking to scout players

Sometimes baseball feels like a game of inches. Clubs often compete for seemingly small advantages to get a leg up. Over the last couple of decades, that’s meant investments in both advanced analyti

CollX raises $5.5M to scan and evaluate value of trading cards

Card collectors often dispute how much their cards are worth. New Jersey-based CollX provides a free iOS and Android app to card enthusiasts that allows them to scan their trading cards and get value

Draftea kicks off LatAm fantasy football with NFL partnership, fresh funding

Draftea, which calls itself the first daily fantasy sports company in Spanish-speaking Latin America, is taking fantasy football (not fútbol) to the region in a new partnership with the National Foot

Analytics, AI and robotics help MLB teams get a step closer to a perfect pitching machine

The first pitching machine dates back well over 100 years. Obviously things have come a long way since that injury-inducing, gunpowder-fueled machine made its debut at Princeton University, but most m

Red Sox CTO: Baseball teams need modern tech stack as much as any other biz

The Red Sox are no different than most businesses when it comes to a tech stack.

Sinclair to launch $20/month direct-to-consumer streaming service Bally Sports+ on June 23

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s long-anticipated direct-to-consumer regional sports streaming app will have a soft launch this Thursday, June 23, 2022. While this isn’t a full rollout, Bally Sports+ wi

MLB forays into the future with new tech for the old ball game

Major League Baseball may have started in the 19th century and come of age in the 20th, but it has definitely embraced technology today.

Amazon’s cashierless Just Walk Out technology comes to Houston Astros’ Major League Baseball Stadium

Amazon announced today it will bring its cashier-free checkout technology, Just Walk Out, to a Major League Baseball stadium for the first time. MLB team Houston Astros will introduce the Just Walk Ou

A sign-stealing scandal rocked baseball, this hardware is here to help

Luis Severino cupped the glove around his ear in frustration. The Yankee Stadium two-strike Death Star siren was blaring over the PA. The pitcher signaled frustration with a new piece of technology th

Apple and Major League Baseball to livestream 12 weeks of Friday night games for free

Earlier this month, Apple announced its first live sports deal with Major League Baseball to bring a number of games and other MLB content to the Apple TV+ service for the 2022 season. Today, Apple un

Apple TV+ to stream weekly Major League Baseball games in its first live sports deal

Following reports that Apple was on an “aggressive hunt” for new sports deals for its Apple TV+ streaming service, Apple today announced it was bringing a number of Major League Baseball g

Mustard looks beyond baseball as it raises another $3.75M for sensor-free sports coaching

Los Angeles-based sports training platform Mustard this week announced a $3.75 million round. Led by Lake Nona Sports & Health Tech Fund, this latest raise follows a $1.7 million round back in lat

Blaseball is back for more absurdist, browser-based fun with Short Circuits

Major League Baseball is experimenting with robot umpires to make games more interesting, but when it comes to sporty shenanigans, Internet League Blaseball has got you more than covered. After going

Fantasy fantasy sport Blaseball developers score $3M seed funding to go mobile

In the absence of a real baseball league, it is perhaps not surprising that a simulated one should grow popular during the troubled year 2020. But even so, the absurdist horror and minimalist aestheti

Mustard raises $1.7M to improve athletic mechanics with AI

Athletic coaching is a massive, multi-billion-dollar industry. No surprise, really, given the massive revenue some top athletes are able to generate. Mustard is working to supplant — or at least aug

Fox Sports is adding ‘virtual fans’ to empty baseball stadiums

The Toronto Blue Jays may not have a home yet this season, but one thing’s for sure: Plenty of teams are going to be playing in the uncanny valley this year. The spectacle of a major league base

Watch an army of Spot and Pepper robots cheerlead a baseball game in an empty stadium

Why the Olympics should add esports

The international games are one of televised sports’ marquee events, and esports companies hope to earn a seat at the grown-up's table.

‘Robot umpires’ make independent league baseball debut

Four months after being announced, so-called “robotic umpires” have made their debut in baseball’s Atlantic League. The addition is one of several tweaks currently being piloted in the independe
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