Coinbase’s blockchain Base to launch to the public next week

Coinbase’s layer-2 blockchain Base is officially launching its mainnet to the public on August 9, alongside its “Onchain Summer” collaboration, Jesse Pollak, lead for Base and head of protocols

Coinbase’s layer-2 blockchain Base plans for 2023 mainnet launch

Welcome back to Chain Reaction, a podcast that interviews newsmakers in crypto to better understand the tech behind the hype and the people working to build a decentralized future. For this week’s e

Zendesk expands into CRM with Base acquisition

Zendesk has mostly confined itself to customer service scenarios, but it seems that’s not enough anymore. If you want to truly know the customer behind the interaction, you need a customer syste

Base wants to compete with the big boys in the CRM artificial intelligence game

Base isn’t the biggest player in a crowded CRM market by any means, but it’s not shying away from a fight with industry giants like Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. This week it i

How The New Base CRM Mobile Apps Expose Market Leader Weaknesses

Ubiquity and intelligence are the two maxims of the post-PC world that Base places most importance on in its mobile CRM service. It makes sense. I have talked to several companies that see an oppor