BART is testing Bikeep’s smart bike locks

There are few feelings worse than returning to the spot you locked up your bike after a fun evening and seeing nothing. As a San Francisco cyclist, I’ve had my stomach sink more than once at tha

Revenge Of The Killer Script Kiddies!

<img src="" />They're out there. Be afraid. They could be anywhere, everywhere, anyone. They are shadowy, deadly, mysterious, gui

BART Shuts Down Cell Service To Thwart Rumored Protests, Gets Actual Protests (And Has To Close Stations)

Since shutting down cell service on Thursday to try to quell rumored protests which never came to fruition, the Bay Area Transit Authority (BART) has had an interesting weekend and Monday. Aside fr

BART’s Interference In Subway Protests, A Step In The Wrong Direction For Digital Freedoms

As many may be aware by now, <a href="">Bay Area Rapid Transit</a>, also known fondly as BART and San Francisco's version of a municipal subway syste

Foursquare-Using BART Riders Sometimes Use Foursquare, And Love The Color Blue!

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-178368" title="icons for four Foursquare badges" src="" alt="" width="215"