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Spring Design's Lawsuit Against Barnes & Noble Nook Must Continue

<img src="" />Bad news for Barnes & Noble this morning. A judge has decided that the lawsuit being pursued by Spring Design against i

Colorín, Colorado: Barnes And Noble Debuts NOOKbooks En Español

<img src="" />Looks like <a HREF="">Barnes and Noble</a> has launched NOOKbooks en es

Hands-On With the Nook Color

It’s obviously a little early for a full assessment of this new device but we do know a few things. It’s quite small and compact – much lighter than and iPad – and the UI is ve

Nook Gets Faster Page Turning, Sync Across Devices With 1.5 Firmware Update Next Month

<img src="" />Good news for <a HREF="">Nook</a> owners. Barnes & Noble plans to release a hefty fi

Barnes & Noble Projects $1B In Digital Revenue, 25% Market Share By 2013

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Barnes & Noble Q1 Sales Jump To $1.4B Thanks To Increased Digital Share

<img src="" class="shot2">Barnes & Noble has <a href="http://www.businesswir

Barnes & Noble Debuts NOOK For Android As eBooks War Heats Up

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The e-book reader price war continues, with Sony joining the fray

<img src="" />With the prices finally starting to drop on e-books, it's not a surprise that Sony has decided to jump in as well.

Free coffee at Barnes and Noble

<img src="" />Let's face facts: today's all about the <a HREF="">iPhone</a>. (Yes, <a HREF="http://www

Buy a Nook, get a $50 B&N gift card

<img src="">Considering an ebook reader, are ya? Well, Barnes and Noble is starting a new promo that might just cause you to lean towards

Barnes & Noble and HP join forces to launch specially branded online bookstore

<img src="" />Some Barnes & Noble nook news for your Wednesday afternoon. The giant bookstore has teamed up with HP (you know, the guys

Samsung E6 reader coming this spring, B&N to provide content

<img src="">The <a href="">Nook</a> is soon going to have a bit of competition on its home playing

nook updated to version 1.1: Eh, fixes some things but nothing to go crazy over

<img src="" />Do you have a <a HREF="

Barnes and Noble Nook e-Book Reader Rooted

<img src="" width="172" height="76" /> The recently released e-book reader from Barnes & Noble, the <a href

Almost live from Barnes and Noble's Nook event

Not that every media outlet on Planet Earth doesn’t already have all of the details, but Team CrunchGear (Jimin and I… we’re right up there with The Mega Powers) is here at Barnes an

The Barnes & Noble Nook reader name wasn't vetted well

John Murrell has a point. Whatever committee that decided that the name Nook was a good name for the Barnes & Noble reader didn’t say it out loud enough. Nook e-book.

IREX eReader clinches Barnes & Noble eBookstore

IREX’s 8.1-inch touchscreen eReader is set to launch later this year and today they’ve announced that Barnes & Noble will be providing more than 750,000 titles when it hits the market. That is

No it's not fancy, but the Barnes and Noble e-book reader works a-okay

<img src="" />So I just bought <a HREF=""><em>House o

Barnes & Noble launches its own e-book store, and you can read 'em on your iPhone or PC

<img src="" />Well look at that, Barnes & Noble is getting into the e-book game. Right now, there's no stand-alone reader to go along wi