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  • Colorín, Colorado: Barnes And Noble Debuts NOOKbooks En Español

    Looks like Barnes and Noble has launched NOOKbooks en español, which, as you may have guessed, is a store that sells libros españoles. (I’ve no idea why Barnes and Noble insists on random capitalization when it comes to Nook stuff, however.) The books sold there are compatible with all makes and models of the Nook universe, including the new Nook Color. Read More

  • Hands-On With the Nook Color

    It’s obviously a little early for a full assessment of this new device but we do know a few things. It’s quite small and compact – much lighter than and iPad – and the UI is very handsome. Android users will be kind of miffed that the device doesn’t support the Android App Store, however, because B&N wants a “curated experience.” So much for… Read More

  • Nook Gets Faster Page Turning, Sync Across Devices With 1.5 Firmware Update Next Month

    Good news for Nook owners. Barnes & Noble plans to release a hefty firmware update in November, version 1.5, that will, and I quote, “enhance the overall reading experience and performance” of the device(s). The biggest enhancement appears to be an increase in page turn speed. So if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “You know, these pages turn fast, but what if… Read More

  • Barnes & Noble Projects $1B In Digital Revenue, 25% Market Share By 2013

    Barnes & Noble‘s recently appointed CEO (and former President) William Lynch this morning sent a long letter to all of its shareholders in connection with the company’s Annual Meeting, which will be held on September 28. The company has been embroiled in litigation with private equity firm Yucaipa after the firm’s CEO Ron Burkle recently challenged the… Read More

  • Barnes & Noble Q1 Sales Jump To $1.4B Thanks To Increased Digital Share

    Barnes & Noble Q1 Sales Jump To $1.4B Thanks To Increased Digital Share

    Barnes & Noble has reported earnings for its fiscal 2011 first quarter ended July 31, 2010. Total sales for the first quarter were $1.4 billion, a 21% increase compared to the prior year. Sales increased 42% as compared to the prior year to $145 million. Unsurprisingly, Barnes & Noble in-store sales decreased 2% to $1 billion. For the first quarter, the company reported a consolidated… Read More

  • Barnes & Noble Debuts NOOK For Android As eBooks War Heats Up

    Barnes & Noble Debuts NOOK For Android As eBooks War Heats Up

    Barnes & Noble is launching an Android app for its e-reading platform, Nook, today. Barnes & Nobile already has NOOK apps for the iPhone and iPad. The new app also represents a shift in B&N’s branding; the company will now be brand all of its e-Book platforms and apps with the NOOK name. NOOK for Android allows users to browse and shop in Barnes & Noble’s eBookstore… Read More

  • The e-book reader price war continues, with Sony joining the fray

    With the prices finally starting to drop on e-books, it’s not a surprise that Sony has decided to jump in as well. Recent changes to the Sony website show price changes across their product line. This fits in with Amazon’s dropping the price on the Kindle, and B&N dropping the price on the Nook. Read More

  • Free coffee at Barnes and Noble

    Let’s face facts: today’s all about the iPhone. (Yes, we’re already there, waiting in line.) Non-iPhone stories will be few and far between. Even the following story has an iPhone connection—it’s madness! Right then. Barnes and Noble has a begun a clever little promotion to get you into their stores (and hopefully buying their books): free coffee. Who… Read More

  • Buy a Nook, get a $50 B&N gift card

    Considering an ebook reader, are ya? Well, Barnes and Noble is starting a new promo that might just cause you to lean towards the Nook. Starting today and running to the end of June, buy a Nook and B&N will give you a $50 gift card to spend in its ebook store. It doesn’t matter if you order a Nook off the web, or pick one up at a Barnes and Noble store or Best Buy location. All of… Read More