• WhatsApp Cracks Down On Third-Party Apps, Temporarily Bans Their Users From Its Service

    WhatsApp Cracks Down On Third-Party Apps, Temporarily Bans Their Users From Its Service

    WhatsApp, the mobile (and now web!) messaging client Facebook acquired for now roughly $22 billion, is beginning to make things more difficult for customers who use third-party clients to access its service. While the official app is the most popular way to access WhatsApp, alternatives offering differentiated feature sets have also been available for some time. That may not be the case for… Read More

  • Law firm asks, ‘Were you banned from Xbox Live? We want to help.’

    It’s safe to say that we hear at CrunchGear think you should be able to do whatever you want with hardware that you buy. Let’s take console modding. You wanna flash the drive on your 360 for whatever reason? Fine, go ahead. But don’t think that you can log onto Xbox Live with said modded console, and play your misbegotten wares (or is that warez?), on Microsoft’s network. Read More

  • iPod nano banned by many gyms

    The iPod nano has become very popular with the gym crowd. It’s light, doesn’t skip, and is inexpensive enough that if it gets stolen, it’s not the end of the world. The bad news is, many gyms are banning the new version, due to the camera. Seems that recording devices in general are verboten in gym locker rooms, and something small and concealable like an iPod nano is… Read More

  • Banned on Japanese airplanes: Playing DS, using other similar devices

    Man, Japan’s usually hip to technology, but this news sorta diminishes that perception. A revised law means that passengers on board Japanese airplanes will no longer be able to use video game systems with built-in wireless functionality. So say goodbye to the DS and PSP whip out the Game Gear. The law doesn’t stop there, oh no. It also prevents the use of pretty much… Read More

  • IRL: World of Whorecraft Chick Gets Banned

    Mia Rose is one hell of a World of Warcraft player. She’s also one hell of a whore. You see, Mia played a horny night elf in a few episodes of World of Whorecraft, which was basically porno styled in the liked of WoW. This past weekend, Mia’s account was suspended because someone posted the link to in the game’s chat channels. 10 minutes later, a GM told her… Read More

  • Another Ad Gets Sony In Trouble

    Again Sony finds itself in trouble for one of its advertisements. Good grief, Sony, learn your lesson already! This time, over in the ban-happy UK, an ad for the PS3 that, apparently, “glamorizes” violence or anti-social behavior was so destructive to the social fabric that the country’s Advertising Standards Authority (wow…) banned it. Gone, the ad never existed. Read More

  • International Pandora Listeners Getting The Shaft

    For those of you unfamiliar with Pandora, it’s pretty much the best Internet radio service out there next to iTunes. It helps you find artists similar to those you currently listen to and it does a pretty darn-good job of doing it. But there is bad news for those of you who use Pandora and don’t live in the United States. As of today, you’re now banned from listening to… Read More