Streaming service VidAngel declares bankruptcy after losing legal battles with studios

VidAngel, a streaming service that altered copyrighted works to edit out adult language, nudity and violence, has declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the company announced on Wednesday. The Utah-based ser

Crunch Report | Snapchat Starts Selling Spectacles

Instagram adds some new features to Stories, Snapchat starts selling Spectacles out of vending machines, Facebook has a misinformation problem, Tusk Holdings tries to find silver lining in Trump and N

Gawker files for bankruptcy

Gawker Media filed for bankruptcy today, according to documents filed in a Southern District of New York court. The filing comes as Gawker’s legal battle with the wrestler Hulk Hogan (real name

Quirky Files For Bankruptcy While Flextronics Puts Up A $15M Bid For Wink

Quirky, the long-suffering startup that was once held up as a model for bridging the maker movement and corporate world, has filed for bankruptcy.

$2.2 billion liabilities: Japan's wireless carrier Willcom files for bankruptcy

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OQO could be hurting

<img src="">Ah OQO. You basically made us all want you. You teased, you upgraded, and now, in the middle of this downturn and,

DirecTV now sniffing around Sirius XM: May be looking to brush aside Dish Network in possible deal

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More details on Sirius XM's possible bankruptcy

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Polaroid files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

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Yikes: Circuit City files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Adios, Circuit City . You will be remembered forever as a not-good-enough version of Best Buy (even though Best Buy is pretty suspect, too.) Yes, Circuit City has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankr

Oh no! The awesome stores of Akihabara are dying off

When I was in Japan, I of course made a point of visiting the Akihabara district of Tokyo. The sheer volume of stores was staggering, and many of them, like the monolithic Tsukomo, were seven or eight

Olevia LCD TVs are no more, long live Olevia

Olevia! O-le-via! Hard-hearted harbinger of TVs! Apparently it’s bad when a company’s stock loses more than 90% of its value within a single year. That’s what happened to Tempe, Arizona-based TV

Sharper Image suspends gift cards

[photopress:the_sharper_image_gift_cards.jpg,full,left]That Sharper Image gift card you got for Xmas that you’ve been holding on to, waiting for the newest version of the Spider-man ionizing foo

Verizon To Shut Off Amp'd Mobile?

With Amp’d Mobile filing for Chapter 11 protection and owing Verizon a lot of cash, things in the future could not get any worse for the dying MVNO. But I suppose Verizon threatening to shut off