Bang With Friends

Casual dating app Down acquired by Paktor

Remember “Bang With Friends?” The controversial app, which later rebranded as Down, was acquired by Singapore-based dating startup Paktor (they’re, um… hooking up). The terms of the deal w

Down, The App Formerly Known As Bang With Friends, Relaunches On The iPhone

Following a trademark dispute with Zynga, the team behind the hookup app Bang With Friends <a href="

Bang With Friends Rebrands As ‘Down’ To Match You With Friends Of Friends By Hotness

After settling a Zynga trademark infringement suit, Bang With Friends today rebrands as Down and reveals its revamped set of dating apps. Down's update lets you browse friends of friends rather than j

Bang With Friends To Change Names After Trademark Settlement With Zynga

Bang With Friends’ catchy name unfortunately is getting tossed after the startup reached a settlement with Zynga. The social gaming company had accused the casual sex app of infringing on its &#

Three Months After Being Banned From The App Store, Bang With Friends Returns As “Down”

They're <em>baaack</em>. Bang With Friends, the Facebook friend hookup app that seemed to be endlessly engulfed in one controversy or another earlier this year, is returning to the iOS App Store (a

Zynga’s Threatened At Least One “… With Friends” Startup Before, And It Went Nowhere (So Far)

The news broke this morning that <a target="_blank" href="">Zynga is suing</a> the makers of <a targe

Apple Boots Bang With Friends From The App Store

Uh oh. Less than ten days after <a href="">Bang With Friends made its mobile debut</a> on the iOS App

Bang With Friends Launches Site To Help You Have Sex With Strangers At SXSW

It seems like hooking up at SXSW was never very hard, but it just got easier. If you’re in Austin this week and looking for that special someone to have anonymous sex with, look no further: Bang Wit

Trintme, A Classier “Bang With Friends,” Lets You Find Facebook Friends Who Want To Hang Out, Not Just Hook Up

If you kind of liked the idea behind viral sensation <a target="_blank" href="">Bang With Friends</a>, the controversial Facebook app that <a href="

Want To “Bang With Nobody”? Use Google+

When a product idea turns into a meme, you're probably doing <em>something</em> right. I'm referring, of course, to <a href="">Bang With Friends</a>, the

Would Love 2 Emerges To Give Facebook ‘Dating’ App Bang With Friends Some European Competition

Well that was quick. <a target="_blank" href="">Bang With Friends</a>, the controversial Facebook app that lets you privately nominate who in your friends network you wan