Bandcamp’s new owner lays off half the company

Bandcamp has officially changed hands from its old new owner, Epic, to its new new owner, Songtradr, and lost half its employees in the process. Songtradr confirmed that “50% of employees receiv

Employees at Epic-owned Bandcamp form union

U.S. employees at Bandcamp, an online audio distributor, have announced their formation of a union. Last year, the platform was acquired by Epic Games, the multibillion-dollar company behind games lik

Epic Games’ Bandcamp temporarily wins right to use its own payments system on Google Play

Epic Games isn’t just fighting the app stores over the right to process its own in-app payments in its popular game Fortnite, it’s also taken up its antitrust legal battle with the tech gi

You can’t buy a community, so make it worth it

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Wednesday show, where we niche down to a single to

3 views on the Epic-Bandcamp deal

When we compiled our bingo board of potential mergers and acquisitions for 2022, we can’t say we anticipated that Fortnite-maker and Apple antagonist Epic Games would purchase Bandcamp.

Epic Games just bought an entire Bandcamp, and it’s not even Friday

Happy Bandcamp Wednesday. Fortnite-maker Epic Games is treating itself to an entire Bandcamp. The music download site announced the acquisition in a blog post today, adding that it will continue to fu

Bandcamp Fridays will continue through next May

The past eight or so months have been profoundly difficult for musicians. With touring ground to a halt and streaming services offering fractions of cents, livelihoods have been utterly upended for co

Musicians get the bulk of ticket sales with Bandcamp’s new live-streaming concert feature

The musician’s life is rarely an easy one. That goes double for these last, oh, eight or so months. Most artists who haven’t risen the ranks to rock-star levels make the lion’s share of thei

Bandcamp is donating its share of sales to the NAACP for Juneteenth

The last several months have been full of corporate lip service, as companies have attempted to tailor responses to pressing issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and questions of social justice. Bandcamp

As Bandcamp waives fees again, labels donate their portion to justice programs

There’s a decent chance buying music is the furthest thing from your mind right now, and I can’t say I blame you. Here in the States, 108,000 people are dead due to COVID-19, and protests against

Tech for good during COVID-19: Sky-high gifts, extra help and chips

When Roger Lee, the co-founder of Human Interest, heard that San Francisco imposed shelter-in-place orders, he started blogging about layoff news and posting crowdsourced lists of employees who were l

Bandcamp is waiving fees today in support of artists

Back in March, Bandcamp announced that it was waiving its share of the revenue for a day, in order to support artists whose livelihood have ground to a screeching halt amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The

Musicians pulled in $4.3M after Bandcamp waived revenue shares for 24 hours

Last week, popular music platform Bandcamp announced that it would be waiving its revenue shares from all sales for 24 hours, starting Friday morning. The move was an effort to help boost income for t

Revisiting Brian Eno’s ‘The Studio as a Compositional Tool’

In 1979, Brian Eno gave a lecture at the inaugural New Music America Festival in New York on a very Brian Eno-ish topic. Titled “The Recording Studio as a Compositional Tool,” it is most definitel

December Brings $1M In Sales To Bandcamp

The question of how music will be distributed in a year, five years, or ten years, is an open one. The landscape has been altered so drastically over the last ten years that the only thing that seems