Gachapin and Mukku: Bandai uses ugly monsters to design netbook

<img src="" /> Bandai in Japan announced a very special kind of netbook, the <a href="

The $2,200 Bandai Ginza-themed diorama in full working action

<img src="">Bandai's Ginza-themed diorama speaker <a href="

Dangerous toy robot hurts 14 kids

<img src="" /> A small robot sold by Japanese toy giant <a href="">Bandai</a> is reportedly not the

Bandai sells gadget for women that helps understand men

<img src="" /> On February 7, <a href="">Bandai Japan is coming out with a new ga

Review: Bandai's Mugen Pop Pop

As my brother said, “this is an tendinitis nightmare” or something like that. It’s quite addicting but it takes a bit of effort to actually get the fake bubbles to pop. I don’t

Mugen Pop Pop: America finally gets one of these wacky Japanese gadgets

The problem with some of the Japanese gadgets I am blogging about is that they either never become available outside Japan or can only be bought through specialized import shops. But now Bandai Americ

Video gallery: Watch the Augmented Reality Tuttuki Bako Box in action

Two weeks ago, I blogged about Bandai Japan’s Tuttuki Bako augmented reality-ish toy box, which is due out in Nippon on November 15 (price: $30). Bandai has set up a dedicated web site for the p

NetTansorWeb: Meet Bandai's awesome blogging robot

Bandai showcased an update to its 2006 NetTansor robot at this year’s Robo Japan [JP] conference (that ended yesterday). The so-called NetTansorWeb robot [JP], which is made for home use, can be

Mugen Peri Peri: Experience the feeling of opening shipping envelopes over and over again

When do you know that a given country, in this case Japan, is totally saturated with gadgets? When one of its companies, in this case Bandai, releases a combination of a cell phone strap and a mini to

Augmented Reality? The Tuttuki Bako box needs your finger to play with virtual characters

Who needs Augmented Reality Cybermaid Alice? Bandai Japan plans to release a palm-size cube in the middle of next month that lets you stick your finger into it to interact with the beings and things c

Cute gets an upgrade: The Tamagotchi goes color

Yes, they are still around and today Bandai announced in Japan [JP] their Tamagotchis are soon even going color. The virtual pet toys became instant worldwide hits, selling around 75 million units bet

Gun o' Clock: Bandai's new alarm clock has a death wish

Japan seems to have a soft spot for weird alarm clocks. First the fly-away alarm clock, now this: At the end of October, Bandai will start offering an awesome alarm clock that can only be silenced wit

Smart Berry is not RIM’s new handheld, it’s a toy for girls

If you like spoiling your kids and buying them things they will use for a week and then lose, then Bandai’s Smart Barry is worth a look. If you’re wondering why I’m being so hard on this dev

Bandai adds robotic crabs to its Hex Bug lineup

Today Bandai announced they will start selling robotic crabs [JP] in Japan starting August 9. The so-called Hex Bug crabs will be available in red and blue (price: $25). Bandai wants to replicate the

Piggy bank for sugar mamas unveiled

Bandai plans to release a piggy bank with a sugar mama theme in Japan starting September 6th. The Ikemenbanku (handsome man savings box) [JP] features an LCD screen displaying up to 5 different male c

Tokyo Toy Show 2008: All award winners, first impressions, pictures

Today I went to Odaiba, a strangely futuristic island just off the coast of Tokyo Bay, to cover this year’s Tokyo Toy Show. The event takes place every June and is one of the biggest and most im

Bandai introduces senseless stop watch toy

Yesterday Japanese toy maker Bandai presented their newest product, a stop watch called “5-second stadium”, which will go on sale in J-land on July 27th for $9. The watch features 3 modes:

NetTansor WiFi Lets You Spy On Your Stuff

I’m not sure what you could actually use this for, except to keep a close eye on your pet at home, but this is Bandai’s NetTansor WiFi Webcam on wheels. It’s a funny-looking little r