• Afero raises $20.3 million to secure connected devices, whether WiFi is working or not

    Afero raises $20.3 million to secure connected devices, whether WiFi is working or not

    A Los Altos startup called Afero raised $20.3 million in a new round of venture funding to secure connected devices, from toys and arcade games to medical equipment. The company’s technology works even when WiFi isn’t, employing 4GLTE and other radio sensors. Afero works with large hardware makers who install the startup’s proprietary chip in their IoT devices or… Read More

  • Ejacket: Bandai's E-Money Case Plays Kamen Rider Sounds Every Time You Make a Purchase (Video)

    As far as distribution of electronic money is concerned, Japan is probably the most advanced country in the world. For years, millions of Japanese have been paying in supermarkets, department stores and other places with their cell phones or smart cards. Reason enough for Bandai to announce [JP, PDF] a very special solution for users of those smart cards: a case that plays sounds from Kamen… Read More

  • Bandai To Sell Mini Figure Of That Awesome Life-Size Gundam Statue

    I am sure by now every CrunchGear reader knows about that 60-foot Gundam statue that Bandai erected in Tokyo in 2009 (and re-erected again in Shizuoka this year) and that we’ve spent quite a few posts on. In case you’re interested to see the statue live but can’t (Japan is far away for most of you, after all), Bandai today announced [JP] something of an alternative: a… Read More

  • First pictures and video: Japan finally has its 60-foot Gundam statue back

    We’ve covered the 60-foot Gundam robot statue that was protecting Tokyo bay last summer quite a few times on CrunchGear, and we also showed you some pictures of Bandai re-erecting the big guy in Shizuoka. Last month, Gundam wasn’t quite ready. But now he is back, and he’s cooler than ever. Just look at the pictures. Read More

  • For $3,400: Bandai to sell 1.5m tall Gundam figure

    No doubt, Gundam is Japan’s favorite anime. They opened a Gundam Cafe in Akihabara, they erected a 1:1 scale Gundam statue in Tokyo bay, and they keep offering tons of Gundam-powered stuff on a monthly basis. The 1/60 Gundam statue replica (30cm) we showed you last November, for example, wasn’t bad, but today Bandai unveiled something even cooler: a Gundam model that stands… Read More

  • Hyper Telescope: Bandai's new "science toy" for kids

    Major toymaker Bandai yesterday announced the Hyper Telescope [JP], which is being marketed as a “science toy” for kids. It’s the ideal gadget if you want your kid to become an astronomer, as it allows users to observe the sky and view relevant information on connected displays or within the device itself. All that needs to be done is to specify one’s location on earth… Read More

  • New Japanese toy: Endless chocolate bar breaker

    Do you like the feeling you get when you break a chocolate bar in half? Do you want to experience that feeling over and over for some reason? Then you’re in the target group for a new Japanese toy called Mugen Chokoreeto [JP], which (kind of) translates back to “Endless Chocolate Bar”. It’s the brainchild of major Japanese toymaker Bandai. It’s essentially a mini… Read More

  • Japan gets awesome Space Battleship Yamato model

    Space Battleship Yamato is the name of a (rather short-lived) Japanese science fiction anime series that was aired on TV in countries other than Nippon some 20 to 30 years ago (outside Japan the anime and the movie versions are also known as Star Blazers or Space Cruiser Yamato). And now, the series’ very cool, eponymous spaceship gets a very pretty model version [JP]. Read More

  • Tamagotchi ID: New and customizable Tamagotchi to be rolled out soon

    In September last year, Bandai has updated the Tamagotchi with a color version, causing dozens of teenage girls to leave comments on CrunchGear for the first time. And now the company is ready to roll out yet another model: The so-called Tamagotchi ID [JP] is named “ID” because it’s the first model you can customize to some extent. It’s also possible to install content… Read More

  • These Pac-Man 30th anniversary Zippos are very cool

    Namco’s Pac Man was first released in Japan May 22, 1980, which means the 30th anniversary of the cult game is a good year away. But if it’s Pac-Man, you can never celebrate too early: Starting in November, Namco Bandai, as the company is now called, plans to sell Pac-Man branded Zippos on the Japanese market. Read More

  • Very cool RC toy: "Mission Carrier SWAT truck" with helicopter (video)

    Just yesterday we featured Bandai’s cool remote-controlled heli-robot Sky Armor, and now the same company (its subsidiary CCP, to be exact) announced the Mission Carrier SWAT [JP], a combination of a truck and helicopter. And this toy is even better than Sky Armor. The cool thing about the SWAT truck is the sound and the elevating deck: Push a button on the remote to make the panels in… Read More

  • Sky Armor: Bandai's cool heli-robot toy (video)

    This is a pretty cool RC toy from Japan. Bandai has announced the Sky Armor, a remote-controlled robot that can fly around using not one but two propellers. The robot stands 17cm tall and weighs 21g. One battery charge (30 minutes) is enough to play with it for 4 minutes. Read More

  • Grilled Meat King: Bandai to sell BBQ simulator toy

    Just in time for summer, Japan gets a new toy that won’t require you to go out to get the BBQ experience anymore. This actually doesn’t make much sense, but Bandai has announced [JP] an-indoor BBQ simulator toy yesterday, the Yakiniki Ou (roughly: Grilled Meat King). Yakiniku is the name of a number of Japanese grilled meat dishes. Buyers of the Grilled Meat King get the grill, 14… Read More

  • Pellermodel: Bandai lets you build a 3D figure of yourself

    Even though I live in Japan, I admit I don’t know anything about Origami and other techniques to build objects out of paper. Today is also the first time I heard of the Pellermodel concept, the art of creating “true 3D paper objects”. Now Bandai is planning to sell “Pellermodel” (brand name) kits, which make it possible for users to build a small, humanoid-like… Read More

  • A.i.R PROJECT: Bandai's new piece of art, gadget and light

    Bandai Japan announced the A.i.R PROJECT yesterday [JP], a mix between a piece of art, a gadget and an interior light of a very special kind. Designed by a Japanese “media artist” called Taro Suzuki, the device is basically marketed as a lifestyle product, which is highly unusual for a toy maker like Bandai. Read More

  • No idea why, but they made a USB-powered shaking hip (video)

    We featured Bandai’s weird beer can simulator yesterday, mentioning the company started behaving strangely a few weeks ago. Now Banpresto, a subsidiary company of the Japanese toy giant, adds another odd gadget to the mix: A mini shaking hip that’s powered by USB [JP]. Yes, Thanko is innocent this time. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Mugen Can Beer: Experience the fun of popping beer cans over and over again

    Bandai is behaving pretty strangely lately. 60-foot tall robots, outrageously expensive figures and now this: A gadget that allows you to relive the feeling of opening beer cans as many times as you want. I am doubting if this is really that exciting but the so-called Mugen Kan Beeru (Endless Can Beer) will go on sale in Japan in June [JP]. Read More

  • Japanese company sells $20,000 action figure

    Two weeks ago, Bandai announced that it gives a 60-foot tall Gundam robot suit to the city of Tokyo, now the Japanese toy giant plans to build robot action figures that cost a whopping $20,000 apiece [JP]. The figures are based on an action anime called Mazinger Z (Tranzor Z in North America). Read More

  • Tokyo gets a 60-foot tall Gundam robot suit

    I always knew Gundam was a popular anime in Japan but even I (who has lived here for more than four years now) didn’t know exactly how popular; until yesterday when toy maker Bandai announced they will erect a 60-foot Gundam robot statue in the middle of Tokyo. Read More

  • Move over Tamagotchi: New virtual pet Yuruppy likes being rubbed and needs no care

    Bandai’s everlasting Tamagotchis, which recently got upgraded to color, face some serious competition from another Japanese toy maker. Takara Tomy has developed the Yuruppy, which is as least as cute but requires no care at all. Read More