Afero raises $20.3 million to secure connected devices, whether WiFi is working or not

A Los Altos startup called Afero raised $20.3 million in a new round of venture funding to secure connected devices, from toys and arcade games to medical equipment. The company’s technology wor

Ejacket: Bandai's E-Money Case Plays Kamen Rider Sounds Every Time You Make a Purchase (Video)

<img src="" /> As far as distribution of electronic money is concerned, Japan is probably the most advanced country in the w

Bandai To Sell Mini Figure Of That Awesome Life-Size Gundam Statue

<img src="" /> I am sure by now every CrunchGear reader knows about that 60-foot <a href="

First pictures and video: Japan finally has its 60-foot Gundam statue back

<img src="" /> We've covered the 60-foot Gundam robot statue that was protecting Tokyo bay last summer <a href="http://www.crunchgear

For $3,400: Bandai to sell 1.5m tall Gundam figure

<img src="" /> No doubt, <a href="../tag/gundam/">Gundam</a> is Japan's favorite anime. They opened a <

Hyper Telescope: Bandai's new "science toy" for kids

<img src="" /> Major toymaker Bandai yesterday announced the <a href="">Hyper Telescope</a> [JP], wh

New Japanese toy: Endless chocolate bar breaker

<img src="" /> Do you like the feeling you get when you break a chocolate bar in half? Do you want to experience

Japan gets awesome Space Battleship Yamato model

<img src="" /> Space Battleship Yamato is the name of a (rather short-lived) <a href="

Tamagotchi ID: New and customizable Tamagotchi to be rolled out soon

<img src="" /> In September last year, <a href="

These Pac-Man 30th anniversary Zippos are very cool

<img src="" /> Namco's <a href="">Pac Man</a> was first released in Japan May 22, 19

Very cool RC toy: "Mission Carrier SWAT truck" with helicopter (video)

<img src="" /> Just yesterday we featured Bandai's cool remote-controlled <a href="

Sky Armor: Bandai's cool heli-robot toy (video)

<img src="" /> This is a pretty cool RC toy from Japan. Bandai has announced the Sky Armor, a remote-controlled robot that ca

Grilled Meat King: Bandai to sell BBQ simulator toy

<img src="" /> Just in time for summer, Japan gets a new toy that won't require you to go out to get the BBQ experience anymore.

Pellermodel: Bandai lets you build a 3D figure of yourself

<img src="" /> Even though I live in Japan, I admit I don't know anything about <a href="

A.i.R PROJECT: Bandai's new piece of art, gadget and light

<img src="" /> <a href="">Bandai Japan announced the A.i.R PROJECT

No idea why, but they made a USB-powered shaking hip (video)

<img src="" /> <a href="

Mugen Can Beer: Experience the fun of popping beer cans over and over again

<img src="" /> <a href="">Bandai</a> is behaving pretty strangely lately. 60-foot tall robots, outrageously ex

Japanese company sells $20,000 action figure

<img src="" /> Two weeks ago, <a href="">Bandai announced that it gives a 60-

Tokyo gets a 60-foot tall Gundam robot suit

I always knew Gundam was a popular anime in Japan but even I (who has lived here for more than four years now) didn’t know exactly how popular; until yesterday when toy maker Bandai announced th

Move over Tamagotchi: New virtual pet Yuruppy likes being rubbed and needs no care

<img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-74971" title="yuruppy" src="" alt="yuruppy" width="620" height="411" />Bandai's eve
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