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Band Hero for Nintendo DS to feature drum peripheral, won't work with DSi

<img src="" alt="drums" />Band Hero is coming to the Nintendo DS this fall and, yes, you'll be able to play drums and, double yes, there will

Band Hero DS attachements revealed, DSi owners are S.O.L.

Band Hero is almost here to rock out on your Nintendo DS and it sounds like it’s going to be a decent adaptation. Soon you’ll be able to jam with your buds over the four-way ad-hoc networ

Amazon lists DJ Hero for $119 (including turntable)

<img src="" />I'm not sure how much faith we should put in these numbers, but here we go. Amazon has <i>DJ Hero</i>, of which I'm still

Activision announces Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero

<img src="" alt="" />Besides <i><a href="">DJ Hero</a></