• Apple logo made of many fruits, but strangely no apples

    It’s a good thing I just ate brunch, or this would make me very hungry. I like it better than Apple’s actual logo. Retro Apple Logo fruit salad [Flickr, via Technabob] Read More

  • LG SV80: Enough With The Banana Comparisons Already

    People have called the LG SV80 a banana phone — clearly they’ve never seen a real banana phone before. LG believes that the SV80’s shape make it more ergonomic. They’d better because the shape is the only thing that makes it interesting. The stats look like a cellphone from 2005: 1.3-megapixel camera and a paltry 142MB of built-in memory. It’s only for Korea right… Read More

  • Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding, Bananaphone

    Mad4MobilePhones has a cute little article on some unique vintage cellphone kits that include a rotary phone, a banana, and a Zack Morris phone. Take the Bananaphone (pictured above) for instance. This plastic, yet realistic, fruit called Banokia hooks up to a cellphone as a hands free set so you can act extremely serious whilst walking down the street with a banana held up to your ear. The… Read More