Apple Watch US ban upheld

A recent U.S. ban on Apple Watch imports will remain in place, after the Biden administration declined to veto an earlier ruling by the International Trade Commission. The ITC ruling goes into effect

Montana’s ban on TikTok is now on hold

A ban on TikTok’s app in the state of Montana, enacted earlier this year, is now on hold. On Thursday, a U.S. federal judge in the state temporarily blocked the ban from going live, claiming it

Google bans deepfake-generating AI from Colab

Google has banned the training of AI systems that can be used to generate deepfakes on its Google Colaboratory platform. The updated terms of use, spotted over the weekend by and BleepingComp

Jack Dorsey says he’s against permanent Twitter bans, with an asterisk

On Friday afternoon, former Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey turned to the platform that he co-created to speak about its future, days after the company was bought for $44 billion by Elon Musk. In

Tumblr now removes reblogs in violation of its hate-speech policy, not just the original posts

Tumblr is making a change to how it deals with hate speech on its blogging platform. The company announced today it will also remove the reblogs (repostings) from any blogs that were suspended for vio

Roku explains why it allowed Infowars on its platform

Roku has just made a bad decision with regard to its growing advertising business by associating its brand with the toxic conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones. As Digiday first reported this morning, Roku

Crunch Report | Hey Dillon Francis, iPhone X Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Today we're hanging out with EDM artist Dillon Francis, Apple opens for iPhone X pre-orders and releases a sleeve for MacBooks, Walmart starts using robots in stores and Russia condemns Twitter for ba

Crunch Report | China’s Central Bank Puts a Ban on ICOs

China's central bank puts a ban on ICOs, the next generation of the Lily drone is here, WhatsApp for Business is launching and Alphabet creates a new holding company to complete 2015 corporate reorgan

Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey

Wikipedia, the online user-generated encyclopedia, has been blocked by the Turkish government. News of the blockage was first reported by the website Turkey Blocks, at around 1AM Eastern this morning

Xiaomi Confirms It Has Suspended Sales In India Due To A Court Ruling

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has confirmed that it has stopped selling devices in India after the New Delhi high court placed an injunction on its business this week. Xiaomi VP of International Hugo

U.S. ITC Finds Apple Violates Samsung Patent, Issues Limited Import Ban On AT&T iPhone 4, 3GS And Some iPads

Apple has been found to be in violation of a Samsung patent, which has resulted in a limited import ban on certain products, including the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, original iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G, all onl

Ethiopian Government Bans Skype, Google Talk And All Other VoIP Services

The Ethiopian government, Al Jazeera <a target="_blank" href="">reports</a>, has criminalized the use of Skype and other VoIP services

Different Wi-Fi standards: Israel blocks iPad imports from the US

<img src="" /> For some people, buying up iPads in the US in bulk and selling them in their <a href="

“Problematic Wi-Fi Access”: Apple Bans Augmented Reality App Sekai Camera

<a href=""><img class="alignright size-full wp-image-163264" title="logo_tonchidot" src="http

In-vehicle txting ban works, at least in California

<img src="" />As we talked about the other day, sending text messages while driving is bad, okay? And in California it's illegal

All violent video games poised for ban in Germany

<img src="" />Bad news for German gamers. (As I understand it, we're <i>huge</i> in Baden-Baden.) A bill is about to be introduced to pa

Egyptian government bans all consumer GPS devices

The Egyptian government GPS ban is locking down the country’s borders from the latest technology. This ban prohibits consumers from owning and operating GPS-capable devices without a governmen

The excessive violence of Silent Hill: Homecoming is why it's banned in Australia

Silent Hill: Homecoming, which is only getting so-so reviews (which stinks because it’s my favorite game series; Silent Hill 2? Now there’s proper narrative in a video game), is effectivel

Yet another hurdle stands in the way of Manhunt 2's UK release

[photopress:manhunt22222.jpg,full,center] Oh, Manhunt 2. You’re a terrible video game that was banned in the UK some time ago for being too violent and should have been banned here for being so

Manhunt 2 still banned in the UK, even after re-editing

The British Committee to Ban Everything has once again rejected Rockstar’s Manuhunt 2, saying that the recently re-submitted edited version is still too “unremitting[ly] bleak” and c
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